As excited as I was to get pregnant last summer, I seriously lamented the fact that I’d be wearing maternity clothes into the very fashion-centric fall season. Bye bye, September issue. Except that when I really started digging, I discovered some amazing maternity wear that didn’t skimp on style or comfort.

And hey, when you’re feeling…large, there’s something to be said for the fall-winter maternity fashions that show a little less skin.

So this year I’ve put together my list of 5 fashionable maternity staples to get you through fall and winter of 2017-18. Just knowing you have a few of the coolest basics in your wardrobe — that fit! — goes a loooong way to keeping you feeling comfortable and confident right up until your due date.

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5 stylish maternity staples for fall: Noppies Over the Belly Leggings | Nordstrom

1. A Stylish Pair of Leggings
I can’t overstate how often I wore leggings during my pregnancy. As essential as mine were, though, I wished I’d bought them in a material other than a knit, which looked distinctly casual and attracted lint and cat fur like it was their job. So I was seriously stoked to discover these faux leather (i.e. no hot flashes)¬†Noppies Over the Belly Leggings at Nordstrom which look seriously sexy¬†and¬†comfortable.

If they’re sold out at Nordstrom, take a look at the Noppies site (they ship from the UK) or search the web for a deal. They’re such a great maternity wardrobe staple that you can dress up or down — a big plus in my book.


5 stylish, must-have maternity staples for fall: Rosie Pope Wrap Dress

2. A Neutral Dress You Can Dress Up or Down
If you don’t want to buy new maternity clothes every month (hint: you don’t) look for clothes that will grow with your body. A wrap dress is a fantastic piece for this reason, and I love this Rosie Pope Wrap Dress at Shopbop.

It looks looks classy and professional, and you can wear it with cute heels for an evening out or comfy flat boots for daytime — or those later weeks when your ankles resemble no such thing.¬†The wrap style makes nursing a cinch, too, making it the perfect transitional piece for the way back down.


5 must-have maternity staples for fall: Dottie Maternity Dress from Boob Design

A second option is a fit-and-flare dress which looks fantastic on every body type — even pregnant ones. I’m drawn to the¬†Dottie Maternity Dress¬†an updated twist on this classic dress style, especially because we are all longtime fans of Boob Design. You can get so much wear out of it, and those dots keep it just a little more fun than a solid dress. Plus the 5% elastine ensures a nice fit for all three trimesters, and it’s even¬†nursing-friendly, which is great since I predict you’ll want to hang onto this little number post-baby.

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Maternity staples for fall: Luxe Essentials Maternity Jeggings | A Pea in the Pod

3. A Great Pair of Jeans
You’re definitely going to need a great pair of jeans, and with the amount of time I wore mine, I say spend a little more on a pair that makes you look and feel seriously great. If tight, raw denim doesn’t sound like your cup of tea right now (um, duh), fear not; these¬†Luxe Essentials Maternity Jeggings¬†if found at A Pea in the Pod are made to stretch when you want them to but still have a nice fitted, tailored look to keep your look on-trend.

5 stylish, must-have maternity staples: The drape-neck maternity/nursing sweater from Maternal America

4. One Gorgeous, Comfy V-neck Sweater
As for tops, whatever you feel great in is the right choice: Tees, wrap tops, button-downs…it’s all good when you’re pregnant and you’ll want to stock up on these more than anything else. So don’t spend a lot on those tees; instead, put it toward one fantastic three-season weight sweater.

Our top BTDT maternity fashion tip is to look for a v-neck of some kind which draws attention upward (to your gorgeous glowing face!) and is flattering, no matter how big your belly — or your boobs — get. You can go for a more body-conscious, traditional v-neck; but something tells me this forgiving but still stylish Drape-Neck Maternity and Nursing Sweater by Maternal America¬†at Nordstrom will get a lot of play over leggings, jeans, or yoga pants when you’re hitting that “I forget what my feet look like” phase.

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Maternity staples for fall: Seraphine Winter Coat | Seraphine

5. A fitted Mid-Weight Coat
Pregnancy made me feel bulky enough without a puffy, down-stuffed coat, thank you very much. Besides, your own body heat might be doing some of the job that a winter coat does for you ordinarily! If you live in a colder clime, I’d opt for a choice like this streamlined Cashmere and Wool Winter Coat from Seraphine¬†that gracefully drapes over your belly and is just the right length to cover parts you may be a little more self-conscious about.

Bonus: I would totally wear it in the fourth trimester and beyond, wouldn’t you? So cute!