The moment The Force Awakens movie introduced me to Rey, I wanted to know more. Who was this young brave scavenger? Where was her family? What is in that green portion bread she’s eating? Luckily for fans like me, there’s a new Star Wars Adventures comic to shed more light on the Star Wars characters we’ve come to love, starting with our favorite arse-kicking, plane-flying, Force-wielding desert heroine.

Each month the comic will feature two stories starring different characters from the Star Wars universe. I love the vintage feel of this comic book series. And while we’ve featured tons of amazing Star Wars gifts, this is absolutely the most affordable option (besides maybe a printable Star Wars coloring page) to stoke the flame of your kids’ Star Wars obsession–and hopefully, their love of reading.

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Star Wars Adventures Comic Book | IDW Publishing

I know I’m happy to have some extra character development to help tide me over before the release of Last Jedi. Even if I still have to wait until December to find out about who Rey’s parents are.

The Star Wars Adventures comics are available monthly from IDW Publishing. Check them out in print, digital download, or droid-projected hologram. 

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