On Halloween, bigger kids may get all the action when it comes to face paint, fake fangs, multicolored hair, creepy costumes, and spooky masks. But glow-in-the-dark pacifiers? These suckers (ha) are babies-only.

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After a few minutes’ light exposure, made by the designers at baby gear company Smilo, their new glow-in-the-dark pacifiers will…well, glow in the dark. For up to three hours, in fact, which is plenty of time for post-sunset trick-or-treating hours on Halloween night. And they’re not some cheap, scary novelty either — these are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and engineered by medical advisors, biomedical experts, scientists and industrial designers to support babies’ growing palates.

Glow-in-the-dark pacifiers perfect for baby's first Halloween!

But what make them cool and spooky on Halloween is what make them cool and useful on regular nights — glow-in-the-dark pacifiers are a whole lot easier to find on the floor during 3 a.m. wake-up sessions.

Find the Smilo glow-in-the-dark pacifiers for Halloween with a not-spooky price tag of $9.99 for a set of 3.