When we’re feeling angry, feeling distraught, feeling completely gutted — as we have been for the past week following the news about Harvey Weinstein and so many (too many) related stories — it’s always helpful to talk out our feelings.

So Kristen and I got on the line last night together, and put together this special episode of Spawned: a raw, unfiltered, honest, stream-of-consciousness conversation between two friends about Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment, predators, power structures, the intersection of politics, why men need to speak up, and how we cope with our own difficult memories and experiences.

We discuss women who dare to speak out at risk to their reputations and careers (and who deserve their names to be known and their courage to be commended), the tangled web of complicity, what men can and should do, how we’re talking honestly about this with our kids — and the heartless, totally unacceptable, deafening silence from the White House about all of it.

As Kristen put it, the flag and the national anthem are getting more respect than women right now from this administration. That’s not okay. And we’re going to keep saying it.

We hope you’ll take a listen.

If you’re struggling with this too, we hope this conversation helps in some way. But if you need more help, there are so many people here for you:

Rainn: National sexual assault hotline

SafeHorizon: Domestic violence hotline

A Voice for the Innocent: Community of support for victims of sexual violence

NYC Well: Confidential mental health hotline

Hopeline: Confidential crisis intervention hotline

Know you’re not alone. And women: We believe you. 


Top image: @RoseMcGowan on Twitter. Thank you for your courage and your voice.