Wouldn’t we all love our kids to be those self-starters who sit down dutifully each day after school to tackle homework, proofread, make corrections, and hey, maybe do some extra-credit — all without being asked? Well, yeah. But we’re realists And not every kid is innately an organized, proactive, high-achiever. So this week on Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we’ve got some great (like, really great!) expert tips to help get our kids organized, get them into smart routines, and help them do their best in school.

Because what we do at home, has a whole lot of impact on kids’ educations.

Take a listen to our fascinating chat with children’s coach and expert Katherine Firestone of The Fireborn Institute who answers our questions and offers really practical, innovative tips that surprised even us.

Her audio idea to cue the transition to homework time is sheer genius.

Listen to the rest of the discussion, right here right now!

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Cool Picks of the Week


Katherine: Stick-lets are thick silicone pieces that attach to sticks so kids can build forts and structures of all kinds.

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Kristen: She tried the top-rated Amazon pillow, the Snuggle-Pedic memory foam pillow and she’s in love!

Unicorn pumpkins for Halloween

Liz: She’s convinced her younger daughter will insist on making some of these 7 magical unicorn pumpkins for Halloween, like this one from Confetti Idea

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