We are here for the unicorn pumpkin trend! And, maybe you are too. I mean, unicorns are not going away because, unicorns. And magic. And glitter. And make-believe.

Whether you’ve got a kid trick-or-treating dressed as a unicorn, or just want some front porch decor that’s a little more treat than trick, we love these fabulous DIY unicorn pumpkins for Halloween that we’re seeing from the genius crafters around the web.

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Unicorn rainbow pumpkin DIY from Confetti Idea

DIY unicorn pumpkins three ways from Confetti Idea

I am so in love with these clever, bright, happy unicorn pumpkins, right down to the kawaii eyes and three different suggestions for hair styles using Model Magic. The tutorial is actually easier than you might think — and her tip for getting those horns shimmery gold is wonderful!

DIY yarn hair unicorn pumpkin from Lines Across

DIY yarn hair unicorn pumpkin from Lines Across

I love that this cute little unicorn pumpkin is totally one the kids can help with, even if it’s just cutting the yarn or drawing the Sharpie faces. Rachel’s instructions are simple and easy to follow, and for that, I am grateful. (And for tips on cleaning up glitter after craft projects, we’ve got you covered there.

DIY Glam unicorn pumpkin tutorial from Hello Giggles

DIY glam unicorn pumpkins from Hello Giggles

If you’re more about a glam unicorn, complete with false eyelashes, fluffy faux fur, and glittery ears and horns, Hello Giggles has your number. And the materials list is way simpler than I’d have expected! To really amp up your display, consider placing them in some colorful puffy cotton batting like they’re beauty-napping on clouds.

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DIY mini unicorn pumpkin tutorial from Posh Little Designs

DIY mini unicorn pumpkins from Posh Little Designs

Perfect for windowsills or centerpieces, these mini unicorn babies are just the sweetest! Her drip cake effect underneath the white mum is a great touch. And the big secret…that flower will stay fresh because the pumpkin has been hollowed out like a vase. Check out her step-by-step tutorial and slide show.

No-carve floral unicorn pumpkin tutorial from MomSpark

DIY floral unicorn pumpkin from Mom Spark

A quick trip to Michael’s or your local craft store for fake flowers and a few other basics, and you’ll have all you need to make this fun, floral unicorn pumpkin from our friends at Mom Spark. She used a faux pumpkin and describes some great tips to keep it from tipping over if yours ends up front-heavy — or, try a real pumpkin.