Skin purifying vaga-cials? Eyebrow merkins? Scalp Botox? Nose hair extensions?

Ready to laugh, friends?

This week on Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we combed the internet for the wackiest, wildest, most bizarre beauty trends — and then we made a few up too.

Take a listen (it’s fun, promise!) as we play our version of Wait Wait WAIT Don’t Tell Me (don’t sue us NPR!) and join in and try to guess which of these crazy beauty trends are real.

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Top images as discussed in our show:
Brow ponytails by @MariIvani; Nose hair extensions by @gret_chen_chen

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Cool Picks of the Week

Cool Picks of the Week | Rosebud Salve

Liz: Smith’s Rosebud Salve: An affordable, totally useful REAL beauty pick from new contributor Ibi Ojikutu’s post about 5 Black beauty secrets I learned from my own gorgeous mother…who I thought was Diana Ross..
Cool Picks of the Week | Daily Budget Original on iTunes
Kristen: Daily Budget Original app is making life so much easier! Definitely worth a download.

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