My kids’ grandparents regularly ask what cool, creative gifts they can give them at the holidays (because we have awesome grandparents), and this year I’m putting Playpa play paper on our list without a doubt.

I just discovered this huge roll of coloring paper that comes in your choice of a cool modern jungle or road design. Add the display shelf, and you can hang it right on a playroom or bedroom wall or lay it flat on a long table. So great!

There’s enough of the pre-designed illustrations on the rolls of paper for my little ones to just sit and color in the lines; while my more imaginative older kids will probably want to let loose and fill in the empty spaces with their own original artwork.

The company also offers coordinating sticker packs too, which make it even more fun. Because my kids + stickers = happy happy.

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Playpa makes rolls of coloring paper in themes like jungle. Such a cool gift for crafty kids

Keep your coloring area neat with a Pollie paper roll shelf and a roll of Playpa coloring paper.

The Pollie shelf holds blank rolls of paper or Playpa preprinted coloring rolls on the wall, or use right on a crafting table

This is such a fantastic (and affordable!) gift for all kinds of kids, but especially for those living in smaller spaces, who want coloring supplies accessible, not all over the dining room table or living room floor.

Plus, kids can just roll it all up and put it away by themselves when they’re done.

Well, a parent can dream, right?

You can find the Playpa play paper collections and minimalist wall shelf at Olliella. The rolls and shelf are sold separately.