This week on Spawned with Kristen and Liz is one of our very favorite annual episodes: Answering all of our listeners’ and readers’ burning Thanksgiving questions!

Wondering how to get the men to actually do dishes this year? Trying to feed 12 people with 14 different food aversions and allergies? Desperate to fill a 10-hour car ride without electronic activities? Got kids’ table issues? Dreading those inevitable political conversations that make you hate everyone and hide in the bathroom with your own pie?

And hey — why do uncles get all those “your racist uncle” stereotypes anyway? We have to stand up a bit here for cool uncles, yo!

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Links from this week’s show

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Top image: DysFUNctional family Thanksgiving wine labels, Loose Lipped Labels on Etsy

The 10 essential Thanksgiving pies

-The ultimate list of Thanksgiving cooking help

The SPLC tips on responding to everyday bigotry

How Michelle Obama suggests we respond to racism.

– How to explain to someone that taking a knee as a sign of reverence, not disrespect.

– Lee Siegel on the reverent history of why Kaepernick takes the knee

Superfight Card Game and Dinkee Linkee for family car trips

On Broadway station on Sirius XM

Children Will Listen from Into the Woods

This Week’s Sponsors: Nintendo

The 80s and 90s were…quite a time. And so we cordially invite you to laugh with (at?) us as we depict some of the stuff we don’t miss a bit.

From the hell of cassette tapes to scrunchies to shoulder pads up to our ears, we had the best time bringing some of our least favorite aspects of the 80s and 90s to life (while totally humiliating ourselves and our kids) in this short video for our awesome partner, Nintendo.

Take a look and see if you can spot all 11!

Of course there are a few things we’re thrilled that are still around so we can share them with our kids today. Like Mario! Luigi! Princess Peach!

As parents, we love that the Nintendo 2DS system plays any Nintendo 3DS games (what?!) in 2D. And hey, it’s kind of cool to get the parenting cred in, knowing the ins and outs of one tech toy before our kids do.

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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Kristen: The new collection of holiday TOMS like these glow-in-the-dark shoes. They blew up our Facebook feed!

Good Wishes Quilts Etsy shop for handmade stockings

Liz: The Good Wishes Quilts Etsy shop makes gorgeous handmade Christmas stockings and she owns a whole set. They’re wonderful! And the owner is a delight.

Wonder movie poster

Bonus: Shout-out to new movie Wonder, based on one of our favorite children’s books — perfect weekend to see it (and read it!) as long as we all have kindness and gratitude on the brain.

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