2017 was…quite a year. And if you’re anything like me, you find the idea of a fresh calendar for a fresh New Year a great way of wiping the slate clean and getting a fresh start (to use a cliche or two). That’s why I poked around to find some of the coolest 2018 printable calendars around.

All of these lovely picks are digital, which means they’re each just a click away.

Also, some of them are free, because saving money is always a good way to start off a year, right?

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2018 printable calendars: Floral Calendar by A Piece of RainbowWe featured A Piece of Rainbow’s cool color-in mandala calendars a few years ago, and look how lovely this year’s free printable calendar is. I can’t help it; pretty flower blooms just make me a little happier whenever I see them.

2018 printable calendars: Free Printable French Calendar by ZuWe’ve dubbed the gorgeous pages from Zü as one of our favorite free printable calendars twice now, so you know we’re serious. For 2018’s calendar, illustrator Juliette Collet publishes one new downloadable page per month, which you can print out or send to your tablet or smartphone. (The site is in French, so dust off your high school Francais, tout suite.)

2018 printable calendars: Digital Coffee Poster by Sam Osborne StoreThe Sam Osborne Shop has tons of fantastically whimsical printable wall calendars and planners, but it’s this coffee calendar poster that’s especially calling me right now. Maybe I’m still recuperating from New Year’s Eve, but I think this would be an awesome breakfast nook addition. Especially when viewed with a cup of coffee.

2018 printable calendars: Frida Kahlo Printable Calendar by FaboomieThis printable Frida Kahlo calendar ($7) by Faboomie is a year-at-a-glance, so it’s less of a jot-down-all-the-details calendar and more of a big-picture resource. Which means you get to look at that awesome Frida art and quote for an entire year!

2018 printable calendars: Free Printable Instagram Calendar by Alice and Lois

We featured this free printable calendar from Alice and Lois in 2016, and I’m so glad it’s been updated for 2018. Its simple template makes it so easy (and cute!) to customize using your own Instagram pictures.

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2018 printable calendars: Celestial Downloadable Calendar by Cocorrina

This free printable 2018 celestial calendar by Cocorrina is totally mesmerizing. I just want to stare at it (and I will have to, at least for a little bit, to wrap my mind around exactly how it works). She has another gorgeous version in white and gold, too.

2018 printable calendars: Printable Watercolor Calendar by Design Your LoveWe also included Design Your Love’s calendar among our favorites in 2017 and I’m super excited that there’s an updated 2018 printable calendar. ($5) It very prettily conveys one of my favorite mantras for the year.


2018 printable calendars: Free Printable Calendar by Oh So LovelyWe loved Oh So Lovely’s free printable calendar for 2017, so it makes sense that we love 2018’s free version too. This year, Audrey has made them even more useful, with an added notes section and mini calendars of past and next months.

2018 printable calendars: DIY Printable Calendar by The Handcrafted Story

2018 printable calendars: DIY Blank Calendar by The Handcrafted Story

This DIY printable 2018 calendar ($5) from The Handcrafted Story is only partly DIY, which is why I wholly adore it. It’s printed with all the necessary stuff — you know, like correct dates — but you’re meant to decorate each one however you want. Just look at these samples inspiration. And I love that this calendar guarantees I’ll do at least one creative thing a month.

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2018 printable calendars: Free Printable Stranger Things Calendar by The Cottage MarketWhile we wait for the third season of Stranger Things to arrive later this year (fingers crossed), we have this free printable calendar by The Cottage Market to tide us over. It’ll do! (Andrea has a whole collection of 2018 free printable calendars, from watercolor dinosaurs to pop culture unicorns that are totally worth checking out.)

2018 printable calendars: Doodle Planner by Sky Goodies

If you like getting a little more detailed about your days’ plans, this printable 2018 doodle calendar ($7.99) by Sky Goodies is perfect. The whole calendar is charmingly illustrated to look doodle-y, and there’s plenty of space in each day to add your own original artwork.

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2018 printable calendars: Coloring Book Calendar by Botanical Paperworks

The free printable 2018 coloring calendar by Botanical Paperworks proves that the adult coloring book trend is here to stay. But I foresee this pretty calendar functioning as a family coloring project — I know my own kids would love to help.