As a new mom, I’m excited to see a growing trend toward empowering children’s books and magazines, especially ones that encourage kids to discover their own unique voices and interests. My latest favorite discovery is Bravery Magazine, a new, beautifully designed, incredibly smart, mom-created publication that highlights high-achieving, courageous women who blazed their own trails.

Each issue features amazing illustrations, plus some fun educational activities to help kids engage the story. And to kick it off for issue number one? The trailblazing British primatologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall, who’s one of my own heroes.

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Bravery: A empowering magazine for kids

As someone who grew up reading fluffy girls’ magazines full of makeup tips and dating advice, I’m so glad to see that children today have more diverse options. Not that there’s anything wrong with makeup tips. But there is so much more about the world for kids to learn!

The second issue is slated to feature astronaut Mae Jemison.

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And the best part — Bravery Magazine is not just for girls. I imagine plenty of boys will be engaged learning about incredible women through history too.

Because in today’s climate, encouraging all of our kids to gather courage and pursue their dreams may be one of the most radical things we can do.

Order Issue One of Bravery Magazine — or a year-long subscription — at their website.