When we shop around for our kids’ stocking stuffers, our longtime readers know that our hearts always grow three sizes when we share handmade items or those that support indie shops and businesses. With that in mind, have we got a website for you.

Our sponsor Bonanza is basically like eBay or Amazon marketplace, only it was created entirely for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. There are more than 40,000 shops, like the ones we’re featuring here, which offer lots of cool gifts, toys and other goodies at really nice prices.

Plus you’re truly supporting small businesses when you shop here. Because on Bonanza, sellers get to keep more of their money, and they don’t pay listing fees like they do on other similar sites.

(Hey, you may even want to open a Bonanza shop yourself.)

As you can probably tell,  I had a great time browsing the selection, and finding stuff I know my kids, nieces and nephews would adore.

Hope we help you discover a few cool new stocking stuffer ideas too!


Santa Darth Vader LEGO Minifig: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas

Darth Vader Santa LEGO minifig $2.40, Dreamwish

The best, right?? This shop has other Santa minifig characters too, from Star Wars to Marvel, but I have to go with this one. If only so you can say “I’m your Father…Christmas.” Hah.

Harry Potter House Pins: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas

Harry Potter house pins $14.68, I Love Characters

Yes, they have Slytherin too. Because someone always wants to know. But I must say, I remain forever #teamgryffindor.

Chocolate Santa Oreos from Philadelphia Candies: Stocking Stuffers supporting indie shops

Homemade Chocolate Santa Oreos $15.79, Philadelphia Candies on Bonanza 

Oh man, this shop looks amazing! I’d stock up on a few extras for the adults in my life. And the snowmen Oreos are so cute too!


Handmade fair trade deer finger puppet: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas

Handmade fair trade deer finger puppet $10.88, Our Greenhouse

We’re all longtime fans of this small, indie shop focusing on natural, eco-friendly and US-made products, and it’s so nice to discover them on Bonanza! She offers other finger puppet creatures if you’re going for a set, but the deer is just so perfect for the holiday season.


Wonder Woman earrings handmade by Frostopia: Cool stocking stuffer ideas

Handmade Wonder Woman stud earrings $7.76 on sale, Frostopia

There’s so much amazing pop culture stuff in her shop! (I may need to grab Kristen those Ryan Gosling earrings for Christmas.) And if you can’t decide among all the choices, good news — spend $20 and she’s offering an additional 15% off everything.


Grinch phone case: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas

Grinch phone case $14.89, Geek Fun Store

Wow, there are almost too many fun cases here to choose from. Maybe grab two — you save 20% when you spend $26 here and they make them for all kinds of phone models.


Wooden Waldorf Tree Toys: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas

Waldorf wooden tree toys  $12.99/$13.99 each, Wooden Caterpillar Toys

This shop ships from Germany but so worth it, considering they make the most exquisite, handmade Waldorf toys. So much to love! The entire set of these trees would be a lovely toddler or preschool gift, but one alone is perfect for stockings.

Kawaii pink lace star choker: Cool kids' Christmas stocking ideas

Pink lace star choker $9, Gatumi

This self-proclaimed kawaii-obsessed nerd makes so many cool little baubles (like, there’s more than 700 in her shop!) but a favorite is this affordable little pink star lace choker that’s kind of goth with a pink twist.


Marvel Thor 9 comic: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas supporting indie shops

Thor 9 comic $2.24, Two Sisters Comics

I imagine there are going to be a whole lot of new Thor fans this year. But whatever your superhero passion, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it at this shop that offers current and back-issue comics of all kinds. Happy browsing, comic fans!


Squeezable T-Rex bike horn: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas

T-Rex squeezable bike horn $13.97, The Bike Store

This totally makes your kid’s bike the coolest on the block! It doesn’t roar — but it’s still mighty.

Twig colored pencil set: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas from indie shops

Twig colored pencil set $9.95/set of seven, Twig Pencils

Craft supplies always make perfect stocking stuffers, and I adore this California company making pencils sustainably from apple tree twigs, right in the USA. This bundle of 7 is so great looking and kids just love them.



Korean cat headband: Cool stocking stuffers for kids

Korean cat headbands $12, Hipster Cool Cosmetics

This seller has spent the last six years tracking down the coolest in Korean cosmetics trends (sheet masks, anyone?) but if you’re shopping for a girl who’s not quite ready for that stuff, these headbands are way cool.

Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas: 3D printed Baby Groot inspired planter or pencil holder

Baby Groot inspired 3D printed planter or bowl  $12.99, 3D Cauldron 

This is a super cool store making all kinds of 3D printed goodies for fans of geekery like Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Cartoon Network shows. But we know our kids would love this little Baby Groot for stashing pencils, treasures, or maybe even keeping a succulent alive for a week or two.



Silly sticks magic wand: Cool kids' stocking stuffer ideas

Wooden magic wand in pink or green $3.50, Our Greenhouse

Okay, one more from Our Greenhouse. Tip: Order a bunch of goodies from one shop and you’ll save on shipping. But also keep an eye out for free shipping deals all over the place.

Thanks so much to our sponsor Bonanza for supporting indie artists and sellers — and for getting me extra excited for holiday shopping.