Hooray! It’s funny Valentine’s Card time at Cool Mom Picks! If you’re more silly than sentimental, more snarky than sappy, then each year, we have the best time tracking down the perfect Valentine’s Day card for you.

I think these 16 are sure to make you giggle. Or smirk. Or smile. Because hey, the couple who plays together, stays together.

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Funny Valentine's Day cards | Eww Feelings by Awkward Affections

Eww Feelings Valentine’s Day Card |  Awkward Affections
When expressing your feelings makes you uncomfortable, but you want to tell your partner you two are a thing.

Funny Valentine's Day cards | I Wouldn't Want To Binge Watch TV With Anyone Else Valentine's Day Card by Curly Bracket Design

I Wouldn’t Want To Binge Watch TV With Anyone Else Valentine’s Day Card | Curly Bracket Design
The ultimate expression of love in 2018.

The funniest Valentine's Day cards: Borat + sexy time

Borat Valentine’s Day Card | Yea Oh Greetings
Get ready for sexy time!

I Like You Even Before My First Cup of Coffee Valentine's Day Card by Fox and Wit

I Like You Even Before My First Cup of Coffee Valentine’s Day Card | Fox and Wit
There’s love and then there’s true love.


Funny Valentine's Day cards | You Have Ultra Fine Written All Over You by jamlefevre

You Have Ultra Fine Written All Over You Valentine’s Day Card | Jamlefevre
How can we resist a good pun and terrible pick-up line all rolled into one?


Funny Valentine's Day cards | Double Tap card by Red Headed Step Child Co

I’d Double Tap That Valentine’s Day Card | Red Headed Stepchild Co
A funny Valentine’s card for when your love is #Instaworthy.

Funny Valentine's Day cards: I shaved my legs for you! | by Teeny Weenie Greetings on Etsy

I Shaved My Legs for You | Teeny Weenie Paper
Probably not great for your first Valentine’s Day together. But perfect for your 10th or 20th!

Funny Valentine's Day cards | Toilet seat Valentine's day card by Sioux Alice

I Love You Even When You Leave The Toilet Seat Up Valentine’s Day Card | Sioux Alice
Yes, it’s a cliché but only because it’s true. And seriously, love has its limits.

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Funny Valentine's Day cards | Happy Galentines Day card by Drunk Girl Designs

Happy Galentine’s DAy Card | Drunk Girl Designs
Don’t forget about your BFF on Valentine’s Day. Especially if she’s the type who’d rather forget about Valentine’s Day altogether.

Star Wars Star Trek mashup Valentine | Cool Mom Tech

Kirk and Spock Star Trek – Star Wars Mashup Valentine’s Card | Lolo2ology

On Cool Mom Tech, our favorite geeky Valentine’s cards included this evidence that Vulcans do have emotions. Sort of.

Funny Valentines Day Cards | nice butt valentine's day card by In a Nutshell Studio

You Have a Nice Butt Poem Valentine’s Day Card | In A Nutshell Studio
What? We think a nice butt is worth acknowledging at least once a year.


Funny Valentine's Day cards | Sleep is our favorite date valentines day card by Sad Shop

Sleep is Our Favorite Date Valentine’s Day Card | Sad Shop
The perfect Valentine’s Day card for new parents, amirite?


Funny Valentine's Day cards | I Love Hating Things With You by In A Nutshell Studios

I Love Hating Things With You Valentine’s Day Card | In a Nutshell Studio
For soulmates who just can’t even.


 You're the Only One For Me Valentine's Day Card | Emily McDowell Studio

You’re the Only One For Me Valentine’s Day Card | Emily McDowell Studio
Then again, your one and only will learn that new app for you.


Funny Valentines Day Cards | Let's Get it On Valentine's Day Card by Knotty Cards

Let’s Get it On Valentine’s Day Card | Knotty Cards
When you’re feeling frisky, but you know, priorities…

Funny Valentine's Day cards | You're the only one I want to stare at my phone next to in bed by Spade Stationary

You’re the Only One I Want to Stare at My Phone Next To in Bed Valentine’s Day Card | Spade Stationery
In other words: Just being by your side means so much.


Happy Half Price Candy Day Valentine's Day Card | Wit and Wander

Happy Half Price Candy Day Valentine’s Day Card | Wit and Wander
A funny Valentine’s Card for that single friend or partner in crime who isn’t a big fan of the commercial holiday — but does love the drugstore aisle sales on February 15th.