Our kids are obsessed with best friend necklaces — you know, like those traditional split heart charms on a chain that allow you to each wear a half. Whomever came up with that very first split-heart, yours-and-mine necklace…pure genius! But the idea has gotten gotten so much more clever over the years.

If you’ve got a kid shopping for a BFF Valentine’s Day gift, or maybe you even want to honor a bestie of your own, I’ve put together (heh) a list of some of my favorite new best friend necklace finds.

Each half of the charm on the best friend necklace completes each other. Just like the two of you. (Awww.)

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Cool best friend necklaces: Avocado Pendant by Shiny Stuff Creations
Valentine’s Day Avocado Best Friend Heart Necklace
 ($23.20, Shiny Stuff Creations)

This adorable rendition of the world’s yummiest superfood is the perfect, Millennial-friendly way to say “you are the avocado to my toast.” I’m bummed that it ships from overseas but you know, so do a lot of avocados that aren’t made of polymer clay.

Cool best friend necklaces: Oreo Cookie Heart Necklace by Maria Ellen Creations

Valentine’s Day Oreo Cookie Heart Best Friend Necklace ($14.21, Maria Ellen Creations)

For all you smart cookies out there, this BFF hgift is the sweetest. (Feel free to use that joke in your card for free, gratis.)

Silver or gold-fill best friend necklaces: Order two, three, or four to form a circle when they're together

Valentine’s Day Best Friend Circle Necklace Sets ($62+, LOVEGRAMxGLDN)

Lots of best friend necklace charms look kind of weird when they’re not with their other halves (i.e., pretty much always), which is why this set is so lovely. Together, you can order 2, 3, or even 4 pieces that fit together to form a sterling or gold circle. But they’re cool when they’re alone too. What a perfect metaphor for great friendships.

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Cool best friend necklaces: LEGO Brick split-heart Necklace by Cute Hearts

LEGO Brick Split Heart Best Friend Necklace ($11.49, Cute Hearts)

Love that you can order two different colors for each side if you want, and the top half isn’t quite so heart-like — perfect for a male sweetheart or BFF. One warning: when you’re not wearing your own half, keep this best friend heart necklace away from the kids. I know mine would turn up in one of my 7-year-old’s LEGO creations!

Cool best friend necklaces: DNA Molecule Friendship Necklace by Nikola Jewelry

Split DNA Molecule Best Friend Necklace ($40.80+ on sale, Nikola Jewelry)

Because best friends complete each other, each half of this DNA base pair requires the other to even exist — it’s science, people.

Cool best friend necklaces: Batman and Robin split Necklaces by Vision Quest

Valentine’s Day Batman Best Friend Necklace ($70, Vision Quest)

You can personalize these two bat-signal split charms with any names you want, but I think “Batman” and “Robin” pretty much say it all. Unless “Batman” and “Bruce Wayne” or “Batman” and “Catwoman” somehow suit you better.

Cool best friend necklaces: Pixel Heart Necklace by 8 Bit Inspired Valentine’s Day Digital Pixel Heart Best Friend Necklace ($19.50, 8 Bit Inspired)

This best friend necklace is a modern take on the traditional split heart necklace — whether you and your bestie grew up on 8-bit, or are just partners in geekdom forever.

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Cool best friend necklaces: Milk and Cookies Friendship Necklace by Jade Angela Designs

Valentine’s Day Milk and Cookies Friendship Necklace ($11.71+, Jade Angela Designs)

There are a lot of food options in the BFF necklace game, and it makes perfect sense. Some things — like this adorable milk and cookies set — just go better together.

Cool best friend necklaces: Grilled Cheese Best Friends Necklace Set by Bon Appet Eats

Valentine’s Day Grilled Cheese Best Friends Necklace Set ($20, Bon AppetEats)

This is one of those pieces of Valentine’s Day BFF jewelry that might require some explanation when it’s not seen with its other half. But who cares? It’s grilled cheese!