No matter how hard we try to keep them young, it is a rite of passage for all kids to lose their baby teeth. To make the entire process a little easy for the kids (ahem, okay for us parents, too), here are a few of my favorite picks and traditions to  help celebrate the coming Tooth Fairy. You may actually look forward to the next loose tooth with these sweet picks!

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– This post has been updated for 2021 –

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Make the Swap with a Hanging Tooth Fairy Pillow

Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | Personalized Unicorn Tooth Pillow by RubyLewisDesigns | Cool Mom Picks

There are tons of tooth fairy pillows out there, but I love everything about this sweet hanging unicorn tooth pillow! Not only can it be hung from a door handle (which is way easier than stealthing under a sleeping kid’s head), but it’s so adorable. And why can’t a tooth fairy ride in on a unicorn? If you want to change the colors or add your kid’s name, the artist will even personalize it for you. This pillow makes losing a tooth truly something magical!

Personalized Unicorn Tooth Pillow by RubyLewisDesigns on Etsy, $27 and up

Pave the Path to the Door with Tooth Fairy Pixie Dust

Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | Tooth Fairy Pixie Dust by flightoftheparcel | Cool Mom Picks

I know, I know…glitter isn’t for everyone. Or long carpets. But if you’re the kind of parent who can stand the sparkly cleanup, it’s a sweet idea to leave a magical trail of Tooth Fairy pixie dust from your child’s door as evidence of her arrival. If your kid ever questions the Tooth Fairy, well pixie dust is just factual proof.

Pixie Dust by Serious Glitter, $6.75

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Try a Message in a Bottle…and a Dropped Fairy Wand

Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | Tooth Fairy Messages and Dropped Fairy Wand Collection by ToothFairyMessageCo | Cool Mom Picks

If you haven’t tried the dropped fairy wand trick, this is a creative Tooth Fairy tradition worth checking out. Kids will love the look of amazement when the Tooth Fairy comes to visit and, oops! She must have dropped her wand! That will lead them to one of the tiny cork jars from this Tooth Fairy message and wand collection, each including a distressed handwritten scroll for a short message. The bottles arrive with personalized handwritten name tags with your kid’s name too, because the Tooth Fairy is really organized. She’s that good.

Tooth Fairy Messages and Dropped Fairy Wand Collection by Tooth Fairy Message Co, $37.73; [please note that this shop is taking a break, and in the meanwhile, find similar custom messages from the tooth fairy in a bottle starting at $12.50 here]


Celebrate a lost tooth with a Sweet Treat

Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | Tooth Cookie Gift by Sugar Happy Cookies | Cool Mom Picks

Every sweet tooth loves sugar cookies, and how cute is this tooth cookie gift box made just for celebrating that first lost tooth? The bakers at Sugar Happy Cookies in Milford, Michigan make cookies to celebrate the loss of every tooth thereafter, too, in case this tradition sticks.

Tooth Cookie Gift by Sugar Happy Cookies, starting at $6; request info from the shop.


Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | Tooth Fairy Party Lollipops by TheChocolateWorkshop | Cool Mom Picks

Some parents these days celebrate the loss of a tooth with a party — and, well, no comment. If this sounds like your kind of thing, check out these fancy chocolate tooth lollipops as a fun party favor. [Please note that this shop is no longer in operation, but there are other cute chocolate tooth lollipops on Etsy.]   And if you just want to order them so the whole family can have a little treat after dinner on the big day, that’s a worthwhile tradition too.

Put Together a Tooth Fairy Secret Door for a Warm Welcome

Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | DIY Tooth Fairy Secret Door by FanFayreJewllery | Cool Mom Picks

Even the Tooth Fairy needs to make an entrance. So…give her a door. The best part about this Tooth Fairy door kit on Etsy is that it’s DIY. So kids can spend a little time when that tooth is wiggly distracting themselves from the fear of it falling out. And, yes, that’s a tiny fairy-sized key.

DIY Tooth Fairy Secret Door by Fan Fayre Jewellery, $19.02


Write a Handmade Tooth Fairy-Sized Note

Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | Toothfairy Handmade Note by HandmadeCharlotte | Cool Mom Picks

We first found this adorable free printable Tooth Fairy note several years ago from Handmade Charlotte and it’s just wonderful. Your child may want to tell the Tooth Fairy that it’s their tooth, or to be certain she leaves a token gift under the right pillow (you never know). Or maybe your child wants to explain how they lost this tooth — and wow, that’s a keepsake all on its own.

Free printable Tooth Fairy Note by Handmade Charlotte


Hang Up a Personalized Tooth Bag and Tiny Jar

Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | Personalized Tooth Bag and Tiny Jar by KRoseDesignCo | Cool Mom Picks

As an alternative to a hanging pillow like the unicorn, I can’t get enough of  tiny personalized tooth bags. They’re not only a way to leave a tooth for the Tooth Fairy, but the tiny cork tooth jar inside is an awesome way to store the tooth keepsake somewhere safe. These personalized tooth bag and tiny jar sets come in a variety of designs to suit your kid’s interests.

Personalized Tooth Bag and Tiny Jar by K Rose Design Co, $7


Get Fancy with an Entire Tooth Fairy Keepsake Set

Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions | The Tooth Fairy Hardcover Book Kit | Cool Mom Picks

This beautiful Tooth Fairy hardcover book kit comes with an illustrated book by Robin Cruise, a keepsake journal, and a star plush for holding treasures like those little tooth fairy notes. Maybe you want to give this as a gift for a lost tooth, or maybe you want to read the story of the Tooth Fairy before she arrives. Your kiddo may have a lot of questions, and this book can help you come up with answers; while the journal lets your child track the memory of each tooth — provided they don’t lose interest after the first ten or so.

The Tooth Fairy Hardcover Book Kit on Amazon, $28

Celebrate with a Brand New Toothbrush

Rey Firefly Star Wars Lightsaber Toothbrush

If you have the type of Tooth Fairy who likes to bring gifts instead of cash, then might I suggest a gift that inspires good dental health? A super cool Last Jedi Light Saber Light-Up Toothbrush fits the bill. Besides, the best Tooth Fairies encourage healthy habits for a long future of great smiles.

Kids toothbrushes of all kinds, starting at about $1.99 at Target. They’re currently featuring a cool Mandalorian toothbrush set but no lighting up, sorry!