Make no mistake, your baby will always be your baby, no matter how old they are. But if you’ve kind of missed your window to put together a baby book (hey, we’re busy and sleep-deprived in those early days!) or you want to keep tracking milestones past infancy, here’s a wonderful idea.

The lovely new toddler memory books from CMP fave Lucy Darling are made to keep track of the special moments that happen all the way up to your baby’s sixth birthday.

Because they’re always your baby, right?

As with the Lucy Darling original baby memory books,  each section of the beautifully designed book represents a year of your child’s life, and contains nicely illustrated pages. Only this time, you get to fill in the prompts with your child’s help.

There’s an interview page, a page where your kid draws your family (instant keepsake!), photo pages, a favorite things page, blank pages, and plenty of quotes pages — because you know you’ll want to remember all of those pint-sized pearls of wisdom and food mispronunciations forever.

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New Lucy Darling toddler books save memories from your child's toddlerhood, all the way to age 6.


Lucy Darling toddler books are available in both girl and boy versions.
The memory book is available in both a toddler girl version and a toddler boy version — same questions and pages, but they’re illustrated and themed a bit differently. And we have to take issue with that. Like, why gender this? Who says that your three-year-old daughter will automatically love princesses and tiaras and mirrors and roses — and not dinosaurs, which is the illustration for the three-year-old boy toddler book?

For a really modern looking book, that’s kind of a surprising choice. Because by the time your child is three or four or six, they will have very strong opinions about whether what they do and don’t like.

Even so, I imagine most parents will love the idea, making it a cool baby shower gift for new parents, letting them get excited for life beyond the diapers and bottles phase.

It’s also smart if you’re the kind of gift-giver who gets a little behind with the giving. I mean, there’s only so much time that it makes sense to give someone a baby memory book. But with these? Automatic deadline extension.

The Lucy Darling toddler books are $54.99 each, and come in a girl’s version and a boy’s version. (Both are lovely!)