I’m in love–with closet dividers. I know, it’s weird, but I am. I don’t derive much pleasure from organizing,¬†but these Lucy Darling closet dividers actually make me want to organize my baby’s closet.¬†They’re so,¬†well, darling.

Available in multiple designs, each as adorable as the next, Lucy Darling’s closet dividers are thick, luxe and come in sets of eight from newborn through 2T. ¬†Perfect for baby boys or girls and certainly cute enough¬†for a cool little baby shower gift. However my one piece of advice before you buy is to make sure there is enough clearance between the closet rod¬†and the top of your closet, as these dividers are a little taller than most.

Adorable newborn closet dividers at Lucy Darling

The brainchild of mom and graphic design artist Haily Meyers, Lucy Darling has evolved from a little Etsy shop with three sticker sets into a line of more than 60 unique sticker designs, 150 nursery art prints, the¬†closet dividers¬†I’m obsessed with.

Everything in the shop¬†is¬† printed with natural, eco-friendly ink and made in the US, from the ¬†cute-enough-for-Facebook stickers to mark pregnancy milestones¬†or baby ages, to the¬†nursery wall art. Even cute stickers celebrating baby’s first holidays that would make awesome holiday cards.


Lucy Darling Little Tourist Three Month Old Sticker


Lucy Darling Like a Boss Art Print

Retro my first Holiday stickers for baby photos at Lucy Darling

Retro my first Christmas sticker for baby photos and holiday cards


Look around – I dare you not to find something to make you squee. Just a little.

Lucy Darling closet dividers, milestone stickers and nursery wall prints are available at the Lucy Darling Shop  And check out our archives for more nursery decor and organization tips and products.