We’ve seen purrmaids. We’ve seen caticorns. So of course the next logical magical creature hybrid would be a porg unicorn, right? Friends: Meet the porgicorn.

The brainchild of mega Star Wars fan cum designer who goes by Leiawars at her Etsy shop, the adorable creatures can be yours in the form of an affordable porgicorn enamel pin ready for blinging up your backpack, adorning your leather jacket, and generating compliments from random strangers that will disproportionately brighten your day.

Extra extra crazy for porgs? You’ll also find a LukePorgwalker pin, a Princess Leia porg pin, and a Han Porgolo/Porgbacca pin set.

There’s even a set of Hogswart porgs with all houses represented. Though I do sense that porgs are mainly Hufflepuffs.

Porg Star Wars character mashups | Enamel pins by UtinniBikini

Hogswarts porg pin for all houses | UtinniBikini on Etsy

No Porgmaid pin yet. But I wouldn’t count it out so soon.

Find the porgicorn enamel pin and other cool Star Wars fan pins at the UtinniBikini Etsy shop. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.