Let’s talk about our kids’ hygiene for a second, mmkay? Because all four of my kids still prefer baths over showers, and it’s kind of driving me crazy; four long consecutive children’s bubble baths are simply not practical every night.  So when I saw the new wild, edgy Zooheads shower heads, I thought maybe this would get my older kids more excited to actually take a shower.


No flowers or cute puppies and duckies here. Zoohead shower head covers range from GoT style dragon heads  to a killer T-Rex, a creepy shark, and a monkey who you would totally not let your kids near in any zoo, should he be real. But, he’s not real. In fact, he’s blue.

(Besides, real monkey heads in the shower…just, ew.)

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Get wild with Zooheads shower heads! They may actually get your kids excited to take a shower for a change.

The Zooheads shower heads are each 3D printed with eco friendly materials, and they easily twist on over any standard shower head. That’s good, because I’d think you’d want to remove them every so often to give them to dry out. You’ve seen inside your kids’ bathtub toys, right?

That monkey looks scary enough as it is.

You can find a dragon, elephant, shark, monkey, lion, and more Zoohead shower heads at our affiliate Amazon.