If your kids are getting older and casting off rubber duckies for something a bit more stimulating when it comes to bath toys, we’ve tracked down some very cool science-based bath toys with an educational spin that might do the trick.

Even though little plastic cups keep kids entertained (and certainly have educational value all on its own), these 5 fun STEM bath toys go a little further to teach the youngest kids fundamentals of water science while cutting no corners on fun or imagination.

Consider giving one to your budding hydro-engineer or future architect, or wrapping it up as a smart, educational toy for your next baby shower.

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STEM bath toys: Pluï Rain Cloud from Moluk | Amazon

This Pluï Rain Cloud toy from Moluk, the same Swiss company behind the cult-favorite Bilibo, is designed to absorb water when submerged and then releases or retains the water once you take it out — depending on whether kids cover the hole at the top of the cloud.

I love this toy for teaching little bathers cause and effect. Plus, the cloud comes apart and is dishwasher friendly, so parents don’t have to worry about it getting all icky with mold. Because, I’m forecasting a strong chance of “raindrops” going into somebody’s mouth.

Boon makes such great, vibrant bath toys like these water pipes and gears.There are tons of bath toys that come with suction so they adhere to wall bathroom tiles, but these Boon Building Bath Pipes (also shown at top) may be one of the best — partly because the suction cups actually work.

The pipes can be used separate or together to form a chain reaction, and feature different mechanisms that spin and flip when water runs through them, making this toy a great lesson in hydroelectricity. Yes, hydroelectricity. For toddlers. Yay for STEM bath toys.

Psst…Boon also makes the cool Water Gears if you want to add even more complexity. Go for it.


STEM bath toys: Boon Jellies Suction Cup bath toys at Amazon

Finally, a way to touch a jellyfish without getting stung: with these very pretty Jellies Bath Toys, also by Boon, which stick to the bath tub or wall, so kids can get building. Watch your kiddo create endless imaginative buildings and towers, creative shapes and sculptures, all in brilliant, fun phosphorescent colors.

With these, we’re pretty confident you won’t be hearing, “is it time to get out of the bath yet?” Yeah, be sure to keep that water warm.

New from Yookidoo is the bathtime toy Submarine Spray Whale, which makes a bit of a mess, but all in the name of science-based water play.

I’m generally a fan of bath toys that don’t create too much mess, but hey, I had to include at least one with a sprayer. In the name of science and learning, of course.

This Submarine Spray Whale from Yookidoo comes with a battery-operated submarine that draws water up the tube and into a steady spray, which kids can then use to create a shower from the whale’s blowhole or to power him around the tub. Such a fun way to experience the coordination and power of water. And of course the inevitable consequence of all that fun: clean-up.

Hey, that’s a great educational lesson in itself for a bath toy. (Or am I justifying?)