With Mother’s Day around the corner (whoo!) I’ve been looking at Mother’s Day gifts my own strong, progressive mom would love — and frankly, that I’d love from my own kids. Not that I don’t adore the handmade cards and hand-painted jewelry boxes most of all, but there’s always something cool about giving a Mother’s Day gift that shows you really really know what makes her tick.

When I came across the Intersectional Rosie Riveter print by Chicago artist Tyler Feder — via a post on Sally Kohn’s instagram feed — I immediately fell in love with all of her work.

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Intersectional Rosie Riveter print, tote, phone case, t-shirt and more by Tyler Feder of Roaring Softly

Magical Girls print by Tyler Feder is a Disney Princess/Rosie the Riveter mashup - awesome progressive Mothers Day gift

You Go Girl illustrated print, tote, tee, and more by Tyler Feder of Roaring Softly

You can find lots of fantastic strong women prints at her Etsy shop, Roaring Softly, including the cool Strong as Hell print which depicts a ton of, well, strong-as-hell women in the shape of a heart; an exuberant You Go Girl print (though the L may make it a little too edgy for Mother’s Day); and the wonderful Magical Girls print which is her clever fan tribute to Disney princesses cum powerful boss women.

Feminist Mother's Day gift: Michelle Obama illustration on totes, tees, phone cases and more by Tyler Feder

Another favorite for more political-minded mamas: the Michelle Obama “When they go low…” print.

Oof, what I wouldn’t do for her arms.

Strong as hell illustrated phone case by Tyler Feder of Roaring Softly. Cool Mothers Day gift for a strong mom!

I also tracked down the Roaring Softly shop on Society 6, where you can grab those same prints framed (nice!), plus plenty of Tyler’s designs as mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, stationery, laptop cases and more.

And what’s even better is that all her items support an independent artist as opposed to a generic knock-off company churning out “She Persisted” t-shirts on Amazon with bad typography.

Intersectional Rosie the Riveter tees from Tyler Feder - great mom/daughter set for Mothers Day?

Oh, and she also offers the Intersectional Rosie Riveter t-shirt that was on Sally’s feed (I’m a resourceful googler!), though you’ll have to order it in women’s sizes for both of you, if you want matching mom-daughter tees for Mother’s day.

As far as I’m concerned, that would be the coolest matching set for Mother’s Day, ever.