Wanna talk Crocs alternatives for kids? I am here for you! As someone who wore Crocs once upon a time, I know that despite some of the benefits, they’re not the most durable or supportive kids’ shoes, let alone safe — plenty of camps and schools have banned children from wearing them them for those very reasons.

So if your kid adores Crocs, but you’re looking for another option to keep kids climbing, bouldering, wading in creeks, or splashing through surprise summer rainstorms, I’ve found lots of Crocs alternatives that should keep up.

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6 Crocs alternatives: Chaco kids' sandal

Someone bought me a pair of Chacos for my high school graduation, and I literally wore them for a decade. Backpacking around Europe, hiking, you name it. These sandals do not quit. So if your kids are serious about their summer camp activities, or if you’re planning a camping trip with lots of hiking, consider these Chaco kids’ sandals that’ll go the distance as a smart Crocs alternative. Yes they’re spendy, but also check sites like Nordstrom Rack for fantastic discounts (these are 42% off!) on some styles.

6 Crocs alternatives: See Kai Run kids' outdoor sandal

The American Podiatric Medical Association stamped these See Kai Run kids’ outdoor sandals found at Zappos with their seal of approval, so you know that they’ll be safe and comfortable for growing feet.  It’s a brand we’ve loved from their launch for their smart, durable style and great fit. Plus, they’re water-ready, in case your summer adventures include whitewater rafting or impromptu tadpole catching.

6 Crocs alternatives: Flex Sahara kids' sandals by Pediped

We’ve been fans of Pediped since the days they only made baby shoes. We were happy they started making big kid shoes, and I’m even more pleased to see them making stylish, supportive sandals like these Flex Sahara kids’ sandals (also at very top) for kids of all ages. Which means I could strap them on my still-wobbly one-year-old or one of my very active nieces and not worry a bit, making it a very smart Crocs alternative.

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6 Crocs alternatives: Keen H2 kids' outdoor sandal

Keen is another brand of footwear trusted by everyone  from Appalachian Trail thru-hikers to casual city walkers (Park Slope moms, am I right? Ha.) thanks to their quality construction. And I love the kid-friendly tie-dye design on these Keen H2 kids’ outdoor sandals. The shoes comes with a whole list of cool features, from toe protection to reflective tabs for those summer nights your kids are staying out past dusk with the rest of the neighborhood kids.

6 Crocs alternatives: Plae kids' outdoor sandal

If you want a Crocs alternative for kids that could easily go from the park to a lunch date with Grandma, try these super sweet Plae kids’ outdoor sandals that Nordstrom carries. They’re made with an antimicrobial footbed (which I might be needing for my own sandals this summer) to cut down on stank, pus they’re machine-washable. Yay for brands that think ahead!

6 Crocs alternatives: Sunray outdoor sandal | Nordstrom

Nike’s not messing around with this Sunray Outdoor Kids Sandal,  which look like a perfect shoe for staying cool in the heat. They’re also supportive and water-resistant, so they’d make an ideal choice for water parks where you need something walkable and splash-ready, too. Because bare feet in water parks? Just, no.