Nothing beats running around barefoot in the summer, until those soft little feet hit a rock or your kids refuse to go into the lake because of a few “icky” leaves on the bottom. So now is a great time to stock up on comfy and durable pairs of water shoes for your toddlers or bigger kids, who will be in and out of water all day.

We’ve roundup up a handful of our favorite water shoes from companies we love and trust — the snappiest, sturdiest pairs of water shoes that are an essential part of summer fun.

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Cool water shoes for kids: See Kai Run's Ranier water shoes for toddlers

On a hot summer day, See Kai Run’s Rainier sneaker provides full-foot coverage with a breathable mesh upper so little feet won’t overheat. Love the bright mint or coral colors on this lightweight shoe that is (thankfully) machine washable. (toddler sizes)


Cool water shoes for kids: TOMS Romper slip-on water shoes

These adorable TOMS Romper slip-on water shoes have holes all over the top to let the water squish right back out. Plus, they go on so easy but keep your little one’s entire foot covered for safe play all day. And, yes, they feature the same “buy one, give one” policy as other TOMS shoes, so you’re giving a little something back in a big way. (toddler sizes)


Cool new water shoes for kids: Pediped's Flex Canyon water shoes

We’ve been raving about Pediped’s Flex shoe line since way back in 2008, so it’s no wonder we also love their Flex Canyon water shoes for those hot summer days full of adventure. Its rugged bottom and protective toe cap keep soft kids’ feet safe wading in streams or on rocky shores, as well as running off for a quick game of kickball with friends. Comes in 7 hot color combos (some styles on Zappos may be limited). (toddler and bigger kid sizes)

Stride Rite's Spiderman-style Phibian water shoe is super cool!

Like a sneaker that doesn’t mind getting totally soaked, Stride Rite’s Made2Play Phibian Sneaker Sandal is ready for whatever terrain your little kid decides to explore. I love the different color combos offered, though I think this red Spiderman-themed one is so incredibly cool. Just as long as my kid doesn’t bring home any actual spiders to show me. (toddler and little kid sizes)


Cool water shoes for kids: Native's Miller rainbow tie-dye slip on water shoes

Native Shoes’ Miller slip-on water shoes (also available at our affiliate Zappos) come in so many amazingly cool colors and patterns for kids — some of which even glow in the dark! — I’d have a hard time picking a favorite. But these pretty marble multicolored shoes would definitely be a stand out at summer camp. And if you love your vintage Converse, check out the Native’s rubber-toed Jefferson water shoes (shown at top) — classic and very cool. You really can’t make a bad choice. (little and big kid sizes)


Cool water shoes for kids: VivoBarefoot Ultra water shoes in three colors

Like going barefoot but better, VivoBarefoot’s Ultra water shoes put a thin, but strong, puncture-resistant sole between your kids’ soft feet and the hard ground. Made of eco-friendly EVA, these shoes slip on in a snap, too, which is great for kids who just can’t wait to get out there. (toddler and little kid sizes)