As a fan of the original Feminist Baby board book, I was pretty stoked to see the title character rocking the pink-and-blue-gender-binary boat again with Lauryn Brantz’s sequel, Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice.

While the first hilarious volume introduced us to the fun-loving, outspoken newborn, the follow-up shows her life as a very, ahem, empowered toddler.

As in, one who streaks away when it’s time for her bath and says what she thinks with a megaphone. Because, been there.

As with the first book, the word play is clever and funny and the feminist references are pretty light-handed; I don’t feel like I’m reading Betty Friedan aloud to my toddler (though we’ll get there one day, Buddy). Here, Feminist Baby and her boy and girl friends all play dress-up with the same wardrobe, and mix it up their toys with cars and boas.

There’s also a not-so-subtle reference to The Women’s March and I think that will mean a lot to those who participated.

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Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice | Loryn Brantz

If you’re buying a gift for a toddler feminist-in-the-making, or even for the parent who’s chasing after said toddler and needs a laugh with a progressive twist, you can’t go wrong with this fun book.

Let’s hope there are more Feminist Baby books are in the works. I for one can’t wait to see what she does when she hits voting age.

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