The accomplishments of women build on one other. We couldn’t have a female presidential candidate today, for instance, if suffragettes like Elizabeth Stanton hadn’t demanded the right to vote, and pioneers like Shirley Chisholm hadn’t broken that first presidential run glass ceiling so many decades later. And now there’s a clever new toy that plays on that fundamental truth: the wonderful Women Who Dared blocks from one of our favorite indie block makers, Uncle Goose.

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The set lets kids 2+ literally stack an assortment of 32 game-changing women of history — like Harriet Tubman and Qui Jin — on top of each other, giving parents the perfect opportunity to explain how their achievements have paved the way for modern women today.

And hopefully, encouraging kids to use their stories as a foundation on which to build their own ambitions.

Women Who Dared Blocks | Uncle Goose


Can you think of a better feminist baby gift for the next generation of woke boys and girls?

You can find all 32 amazing women of the Women Who Dare block set, complete with portraits and quotations, at our affiliate Amazon, directly through manufacturer Uncle Goose, or indie toy stores everywhere like at mom-owned Rose and Rex

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