Our readers went pretty crazy over the original Blankie Tails mermaid and shark tail blankets for kids (and uh, adult kids), making it the #1 post on our site that entire year. (Hey, you all have good taste!) Since then, this indie, mom-run company has kept things fresh with lots of fun new products — the latest being their all new Blankie Tail Baby line of shark baby sleep sacks.

And yay, we get to be the first to let the world know about them!

While there’s nothing wrong with chevrons and zoo animals and trendy tattoo illustrations that jazz up the classic potato sack design on most modern baby sleep sacks, I am 100% here for the sharks.

These sleep sacks are sooooo soft and cozy, but I really appreciate how much they’ve worked to carefully craft them to be durable, and to adhere to safety specs. Because sharks and baby safety go together like…okay, so maybe they don’t always go together, but they do here.

I also like that they’re designed for real life human baby diaper changes with a zipper that zips up from the bottom (bless you, Blankie Tails!) and three different sizes based on your baby’s age, length and weight.

New Blankie Tails sleep sacks for babies look like sharks and mermaid tails

A shark baby sleep sack from Blankie Tails that's soft, and safe, and adorable (we mean...SCARY) | cool mom picks

Yes, these baby sleep sacks are washable. Because, duh, babies.

And of course they’re ready made for the best photo opps ever. Not that you’d ever think of putting your most favorite baby pictures on Instagram or Facebook or anything….

Oh, and if sharks aren’t your thing? They’ve also just launched their popular mermaid blankets as mermaid baby sleep sacks, perfect for all of your baby’s above-water sleepy time.

Blankie Tails new adorable mermaid sleep sacks for babies!

Mermaid baby sleep sacks from Blankie Tails | cool mom picks

Now who’s inviting me to a shower so I have an excuse to start buying some? I’m totally serious.

Find the brand new shark baby sleep sacks and mermaid baby sleep sacks from the new Blankie Tail Baby sleep sack line starting today! And get free shipping with orders over $50.