Soon we’ll all be celebrating Father’s Day and you know what that means: dad jokes! And…our annual roundup of funny Father’s Day cards So I’ve tracked down this year’s crop of funny Father’s Day cards on Etsy that will maybe help you beat dad at his own dad joke game.

Although it is Dad’s big day, technically. So would it kill you to laugh at his own jokes once in awhile? Unless he asks you to pull his finger – that’s just wrong.

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Funny Father’s Day Cards: Dad Jokes Card from Lady Kerry Design

Dad Jokes Card (Lady Kerry Design)
Oooh, that burns. Sorry Dad, but one thing you did teach me is the joy of sarcasm

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Stop Signing Your Texts Card from Agathe Papeterie

Stop Signing Your Texts Card (Agathe Papeterie)
Aw, it’s not like we don’t love getting texts from our own dads. It’s just, maybe we can offer some gentle pointers? That’s a gift too.

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Sorry I Was Deaf To Your Advice Card from Tense and Urgent

Sorry I Was Deaf To Your Advice Card (Tense and Urgent)
While you’re at it, you should maybe apologize for yelling at him when he wouldn’t let you wear your macramé bikini to the Phish concert.

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Funny Father’s Day Cards: Notorious B.I.G. Card from Ka An’s Designs

Notorious B.I.G. Card (Ka An’s Designs)
What could be better than Notorious B.I.G. giving a shout-out to your Incredible D.A.D.?

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Rhymes With Scotch Card from Pretty By Her

Rhymes With Scotch Card (Pretty By Her)
This makes absolutely no sense but we’re 100% sure Dad is going to love it.

Funniest Father's Day cards: LEGO Father's Day Card from Cypress Card Co.

LEGO Father’s Day Card (Cypress Card Co.)
The perfect funny Father’s Day card “from the kids.” Because the pain is real.

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Thanks For Not Embarrassing Me Card from Davie Paper Co

Thanks For Not Embarrassing Me Card (Davie Paper Co)
The universal card for every dad on the planet. Really.

Funny Father’s Day Cards: I Don’t Hate You Card from Sad Shop

I Don’t Hate You Card (Sad Shop)
A card for your kids’ dad own dad perhaps? Maybe if you’re pregnant and super hormonal? Or just get it for your petulant teen to give to Dad since they won’t remember to get anything anyway.

Generic Masculine Father's Day card | Seas and Peas

Generic Masculine Father’s Day Card (Seas and Peas)
No bbq tools, no lawn jokes, no deer head on a mantle — and yet, still very masculine! You know, should he conform to traditional if increasingly dated gender norms.

Strong Swimmers Card (Wit and Whistle)
A sweet card for the first Father’s Day for the dad in your life – just to say “thank you” for his fine sperm.

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Funny Father’s Day Cards: One of My Favorite Parents Card from Cypress Card Co

One of My Favorite Parents Card (Cypress Card Co)
If your dad is highly analytical and fond of statistics (and what dad isn’t?) he’ll say, “Well, a 50% approval rating isn’t too bad.” And that’s why we love him.

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Darth Vader Card from Raven and Unicorn

Darth Vader Card (Raven + Unicorn)
Dad will appreciate this one even if he’s not a Star Wars fan. (But c’mon, he’s a Star Wars fan, right?)

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Well Done Dad Card from Classy Cards Creative

Well Done Dad Card (Classy Cards Creative)
The steaks are high on Father’s Day, and Dad won’t have a beef with this card. There’s no comma before dad so we have to presume it means that he himself is well done. Which is probably true. (But not in the grilling way.)

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Life Before Kids Card from Spade Stationery

Life Before Kids Card (Spade Stationery)
A card for your husband or the dad in your life, just to get him nostalgic for those carefree, diaper-free, kid-less days of yore. Have some tissues handy in case he starts crying.

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Crushing It Card from Aviate Press

Crushing It Funny Father’s Day Card (Aviate Press)
He’s not really a dad until he smashes a beer can into his forehead in front of your friends. Or at least claims to have done it in front of his friends — though no one has ever been able to verify it. Hm.

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Stopped Playing Fortnite Card from Honeymoon Print

I Stopped Playing Fortnite Card (Honeymoon Print)
The ultimate Father’s Day sacrifice. (But Grandpa, can we move this Father’s Day brunch along fairly quickly so I can get back to my game?)

Funny Father’s Day Cards: Happy New Socks Day Card from Lovely Cuppa

Happy New Socks Day Card (Lovely Cuppa)
Let’s face it – what’s Father’s Day without at least one pair of socks in that gift pile? Especially when they’re as cool as the ones we found here!

Funniest Father's Day cards: Hey Handsome Father's Day Card | Committed

Hey Handsome Father’s Day Card (Committed)
This funny printable Father’s Day Card keeps it real for busy parents. Because a love life with kids, sometimes calls for desperate measures.