Father’s Day is coming up, which means we’ve been busy searching for the coolest, most unique and fun gifts for dads. And one of our favorite roundups we do every year is finding the funniest Father’s Day cards, because we’re suckers for a good laugh.

If the dads in your life love a good laugh too, then we’re sure you’ll find the perfect card for him here.

At top: Push That Stroller Father’s Day card | Just a Wink

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Funniest Father's Day cards: Sarcastic Father's Day Card | Tense and Urgent

Sarcastic Father’s Day Card (Tense and Urgent)
Because, when you have a teenager, the sarcasm is real. And this is so right on.


Funniest Father's Day cards: Smart With Money Father's Day Card | Six Eleven Creations

Smart With Money Father’s Day Card (Six Eleven Creations)
For the frugal and practical dad.

Funniest Father's Day cards: Swiss Army Father's Day Card | Seltzer Goods

Swiss Army Father’s Day Card (Seltzer Goods)
From emotional needs to everyday help, this card is perfect for the dad who always comes to the rescue.

Funniest Father's Day cards: LEGO Father's Day Card from Cypress Card Co.

LEGO Father’s Day Card (Cypress Card Co.)
Because the pain is real.


Funniest Father's Day cards: Pull My Finger Father's Day Card | Wit and Whistle

Pull My Finger Father’s Day Card (Wit and Whistle)
For those who have a dad who still gets a laugh out of the old “pull my finger” joke, this card gets him back.

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Funniest Father's Day cards: Dope Ass Dude Father's Day Card from Seriously Shannon

Dope Ass Dude Father’s Day Card (Seriously Shannon)
For the dad that’s cool as hell.

Funniest Father's Day cards: Hey Handsome Father's Day Card | Committed

Hey Handsome Father’s Day Card (Committed)
This printable Father’s Day Card keeps it real for busy parents. Because a love life with kids sometimes calls for desperate measures.

Funniest Father's Day cards: Checklist Father's Day Card | Emily McDowell Studio

Checklist Father’s Day Card (Emily McDowell Studio)
We love that this smart and witty checklist card for dads has the same options as the Mother’s Day version, because we’re all about equal parenting. And equal apologies.

Funniest Father's Day cards: Soap on a Rope Father's Day Card | Aquabirch

Soap on a Rope Father’s Day Card (Aquabirch)
For the old school, Old Spice-loving dad.


Funniest Father's Day cards: My Two Dads Father's Day Card from Near Modern Disaster

My Two Dads Father’s Day Card (Near Modern Disaster)
When you have two funny, fantastic fathers, this card says it all.

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Funniest Father's Day cards: E-Card Father's Day Card | Hi 55

E-Card Father’s Day Card (Hi 55)
For the dad who still doesn’t quite get technology, but you love the old guy anyway.


Funniest Father's Day cards: First Father's Day Card from Hatches and Matches

First Father’s Day Card (Hatches and Matches)
A little consolation that all those diaper changes will be worth it one day. And the British spelling makes wiping poopy butts a bit more civilized.


Funniest Father's Day cards: Push That Stroller Real Good Father's Day E-Card | Just a Wink

Push That Stroller Real Good Father’s Day E-Card (Just a Wink)
Ooh Baby, Baby. This e-card tells your man just how sexy being a dad can be.


Funniest Father's Day cards: Dad You're The Best Father's Day Card | Doodle Love

Dad You’re The Best Father’s Day Card (Doodle Love)
He’s a man of few words and prefers simple to sentimental? Yep, pick this one.


Funniest Father's Day cards: Step Dad Father's Day Card from Cheeky Kumquat

Step Dad Father’s Day Card (Cheeky Kumquat)
You inherited each other, you share a great sense of humor, and you’re forever grateful.