Hey you! Yes you, hanging out in the backyard in the dark. Let’s talk cool backyard lighting. Because isn’t it hard to see what you’re eating when the only light you have is the moon and the flickering light of your iPhone?

(By the way, you couldn’t see it but a fly just landed on your steak.)

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While tomorrow is the the longest day of the year, no need to embrace the darkness when it finally comes.  So I’ve rounded up some cool backyard lighting ideas that will also give your outdoor space a fresh new look. And maybe let you ditch those Tiki torches — the nineties called and they want their outdoor lighting back.

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Cool backyard lighting Ideas:  LED Curtain String Lights from Target

LED Curtain String Lights ($15.49, Target)

String lights aren’t just for the holidays. This curtain of LED lights is perfect for blanketing your outdoor space in a white glow. You’ll feel like you’re in a wonderland — or at the very least on a super nice patio.

Cool backyard lighting Ideas: LED Ball Lamps

LED Ball Lamp (various sizes, $29.99 – $$95.99, Amazon)

We have a feeling these glowing orbs from Mr. Go are going to be all the rage this summer when it comes to cool outdoor lighting. They come in various sizes, can be used on land or in water, and the best part: You can change the colors of the light via remote control.

Cool backyard lighting Ideas: Solvinden Solar Pendant Lamp from IKEA

Solvinden Solar-Powered Pendant Lamp ($5.99, IKEA)

Pendant lights are nothing new, but these are special: They’re solar powered, which means no cords or plugs are needed, so you can buy a bunch and hang them wherever you’d like. Plus, the rechargeable solar battery will give full light for 12 hours and should last for two years.


Cool backyard lighting Ideas:  Kini Rattan Lantern from CB2

Kini Rattan Lanterns ($49.95-$59.95, CB2)

Rattan handbags are huge this summer, and the look comes to these modern hurricane lanterns from CB2. Even if you’re not trying to find your way through a storm, they’d still be a gorgeous addition to your backyard. In fact, they’d look perfect just sitting in your living room, when you’re trying to weather the hurricane that is the evening news. (Yep, went there.)

Cool backyard lighting Ideas: Wire Teardrop Solar Pendant from World Market

Wire Teardrop Solar Pendant ($49.99, World Market)

I’d want this lovely light even if it wasn’t brilliantly solar-powered and easy to hang. But the fact that it’s electricity-free and will last a full 6-8 hours makes it even more attractive. At this price, you can afford to buy more than one for your yard. They would look great clustered around an outdoor seating area.

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Cool backyard lighting Ideas: Firefly Mason Jar from World Market

Firefly Mason Jar LED Lantern ($19.99, World Market)

I know, I’m kind of over mason jars as decor too. But I couldn’t resist these solar-powered lanterns that look like a bunch of fireflies are flitting around inside. So cute and whimsical for outdoor lighting, and without any cords or plugs to worry about you can hang them anywhere, or just set them on a table. And don’t be surprised if see these at every one of the barn weddings you’ll attend over the next year.

Cool backyard lighting Ideas:  Topanga Bamboo Hurricane from CB2

Topanga Bamboo Hurricane ($69.95, CB2)

I’m not sure if this is a light or a sculpture, but either way, I know I want this beautiful creature to get on my patio tables. It’s made of natural bamboo to cast pretty light from the pillar candle at the center — though I suggest using a battery or solar-powered flameless version. I think this backyard lighting idea will give a whole new meaning to this party is lit!