Today, where I am, it’s expected hit 103 degrees. That kind of scorching heat makes the idea of taking the kids to a mid-day family-friendly movie in a nice, cold theater extremely appealing…and expensive. Right? Nope. With Regal’s Summer Movie Express, you can see $1 movies for families all season.

Yes. One buck a person.

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Regal's Summer Movie Express lets you see movies like The Secret Life of Pets for just $1.
Every Tuesday and Wednesday this summer, Regal theaters across the country are showing family-friendly movies like The LEGO Movie, The Secret Life of Pets, Trolls, and Minions for just $1 a ticket, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Will Rogers Institute.

It’s such a win-win: Good, family-friendly movies in icy-cool theaters at a great price. The price is so great, in fact, you’ll even have money left over for popcorn.

The big bucket.

Check out the schedule of Regal’s Summer Movie Express $1 movies for families at a theater near you.