I’m sure there’s a drinking game parents play during the summer, where they take a shot every time they hear their teen say, “I’m bored.” (Don’t play this game, though, you’ll end up in the ER.) To help remedy your desperate plight, we’ve rounded up a few DIY projects for teens that your out-of-school kids can tackle this summer.

You might not hear them say they’re bored ever again — but you probably will. Because, teens.

Summer DIY crafts for teens: No-Sew Pop Tart Pillow by Aww Sam

If my teen doesn’t want to make this adorable No-Sew Pop Tart Pillow DIY craft by Aww Sam I might have to ground her. How cute is this? Send them out to pick up some felt, fabric glue, stuffing and yarn at the craft store and they’ll have their favorite cuddly giant toaster pastries sitting on their bed in no time.

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Summer DIY crafts for teens: Summer Mini Tassel Earrings from Petit Bout de Chou

Dangling, tasseled earrings are on trend this summer, and this tutorial for DIY summer mini tassel earrings from Petit Bout de Chou can help your teen make their own pair using embroidery thread in their favorite color, along with bead embellishments. They’d make great gifts, too, maybe for a mom who’ll be spending her summer driving said teen to the pool. (Hint hint.)

Summer DIY crafts for teens: Storybook Paper Roses from 100 Layer Cake

This gorgeous DIY Storybook Paper Roses craft from 100 Layer Cake might be a cool way to use a beat-up but beloved old book you want to purge, or maybe those handouts from history class your teen feels like burning. The paper flowers would make a sweet gift, or even nice decor for a nightstand or dresser, somewhere behind the KEEP OUT sign on the outside doorknob.


Summer DIY crafts for teens: Washi Tape Charging Cord from Delicious Spaces

This hack has been around for awhile — we first shared a washi tape phone charger craft on Cool Mom Tech back in 2013! But it’s worth sharing again, because as long as there are cell phones, there will be the phone charging cords that everyone seems to lose. This particular washi tape decorated charging cord DIY craft from Delicious Spaces is a smart, inexpensive way to keep tabs on your own cords, while blinging them up at the same time.

Summer DIY crafts for teens: No-Sew Fringe T-Shirt Tote from Tealou and Sweetpea

Don’t throw away that vintage concert tee – have a crafty teen make it into this cool No-Sew Fringe T-Shirt Tote from Tealou and Sweetpea. Not only will this DIY craft project result in a fly bag to take to the beach, but it will show the world that their parents saw the Fugees live, possibly earning them a little extra street cred.

Summer DIY crafts for teens: Cloud Light from DIY Projects For Teens

This amazing Cloud Light craft project from the aptly named DIY Projects For Teens is made from paper lanterns and string lights, and actually flickers so it will look like there’s a stormy dark raincloud on the ceiling at all times. Perfect angsty teen metaphor, right? (Don’t tell them we said that.) Throw in a copy of Catcher In The Rye and a Weezer CD and your teen might not come out of their room all summer.

Summer DIY crafts for teens: Baseball String Bracelet from I Can Find The Time

If your teen is a baseball fan or just a fan of unique jewelry their friends don’t have, they’ll love making this clever Baseball String Bracelet DIY craft from I Can Find The Time, which is made from – a baseball! Use an old baseball you have around the house, or pick up a couple cheap at a thrift store. I think it would make an awesome gift for a sports-loving bestie, or even an MLB-obsessed parent would wear this one.

Summer DIY crafts for teens: Cardboard Suitcases from DIY Projects

I am in love with the sweet DIY cardboard suitcase craft from DIY Projects – they’re made out of shoeboxes! What a perfect DIY project for a teen considering they would be perfect for carrying a lunch to the park this summer, or carting a few art supplies to the museum. Plus, it’s a great way to keep some cardboard out of the landfill a while longer.

Summer DIY crafts for teens: Rocket Stove from Prepared Housewives.

Even if your olderteen isn’t a wilderness fan, I imagine some of them will want to try their hands at this badass DIY Rocket Stove from Prepared Housewives. It’s a wood-burning stove made from cans, insulation and a wire hanger, and will be perfect for cooking favorite s’mores recipes (one at a time) in the backyard this summer.