I can get lost (er, I mean , my kids can) in a good seek-and-find book. One that’s not so hard it’s frustrating, but not too easy that you have the whole thing solved in ten minutes. So, when I saw that Wonderbly, one of our favorite indie publishers, just released the brand new Where Are You…? custom seek-and-find book, well, I geeked out.

Just imagine how searching through the pages for an illustrated version of themselves — and finding it — will put a smile on any kid’s face!

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Kids can seek-and-find drawings of themselves in the new Where Are You...? custom seek-and-find books from Wonderbly

Find yourself in the new Where Are You...? books from Wonderbly

You may know Wonderbly as makers of the super popular, personalized Lost My Name story books, which tie cool art and great storytelling into a fantastic custom gift for a kid. But this really takes things to the next level for kids about 5-10.

Not only can you can personalize an avatar of your child (you choose from six options), hidden in every page the book, but each version of the child shows them as something different, tied to the theme of the background illustration — a rock star, a PI, a chef, a scientist. Even an alien vet caring for intergalacitc space creatures.

Bonus: you can even include your child’s name in the title of the book.

I mean, getting a book called Where Are You Emma Johnson? Or Where Are You Jaden Rosen? as a gift instead of another plastic toy? That’s just awesome.

You can order your own custom Where Are You…? book from Wonderbly at their website.