As a mom to kids who can get car sick — kids who have friends and cousins who get car sick too — I never travel anywhere without anti-nausea acupuncture wrist bands (which we recently shared on our list of 12 essentials you’ll always find in our bags), some emergency Dramamine, and a handful of ginger pills. But having stumbled on this alternative option to cure motion sickness — whoa!

European automaker Citroën has launched Seetroën (get it?) motion sickness glasses and I’m fascinated.

Evidently they contain a colored liquid between the glass in the lenses that recreates the horizon line, with the idea of resolving the core cause of motion sickness — conflicting signals between your inner ear, your eyes, and your other sensory receptors.

The glasses look pretty wild with those four frames, including two on the side to address your peripheral vision.

The new Seetroen motion sickness glasses claim to take away nausea in just 10 minutes!

They company claims they work to get rid of nausea in just ten minutes in about 95% of cases, although heck, knowing some of the kids in my life I’d just make them wear those things from the second we buckled up.

The company does state in the fine print that they’re for kids 10+ but I’d like to know if that has to do with head size or something else, because there are a whole lot of parents of 5-year-olds out there I know would pay a lot for these.

Speaking of which, they’re not cheap; Seetroën glasses are currently €99 from manufacturer Boarding Glasses for preorder. That means they won’t be shipping until December. Boo. But while they may not solve your summer road trip issues, they it could be here in time to save the holidays.

Until then, just keep wearing those wristbands, sucking on ginger candies, and always stashing a few spare plastic bags in your car at all times. That is, spare plastic bags with no holes in them. Sigh.

Preorder Seetroën motion sickness glasses from Boarding Glasses, or keep an eye out for them to come back in stock on the Citroën Lifestyle online shop. You can also watch the Seetroën glasses video on YouTube for more info. 

h/t CNET