Imagine how thrilled we were to learn that our old friend and popular cool mom pick Robert Mahar was a contestant on the popular new NBC DIY craft show Making It. Yes, there might have been squealing involved. We’ve known him since we started our site 12 years ago, so how exciting for us to have him on our most recent episode of Spawned to get the scoop on the new show (Is Amy Poehler really as funny and nice as she seems?), as well as how to bring out creativity in our own kids, and ourselves. Creativity, remember that parents?

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Links From the Show

Here’s a link to NBC’s Making It! You can catch it at 10pm ET, every Tuesday.

You can see all of Robert’s awesome work, including his popular YouTube channel and more, on his website.

Cool Picks of the Week

Yoga with Adriene

Robert: Listen to Robert’s fellow Making It contestant Jeff Rudell’s amazing life stories on The Moth.

Liz: Liz swears by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

Kristen: This ocean mist by SachaJuan is fantastic. Great for beachy waves, hold the crunch.

(Top photo via Robert Mahar on Instagram)