While we’re enjoying a little time off for summer, we’re updating some of our greatest hits Spawned episodes you might have missed —¬† starting with “organizer for the real world” (as we call her),¬†Laurie Palau¬†of Simply B Organized.

She taught us one of our very favorite small space workspace hacks for kids, but there’s so much more in this episode!¬†We think you’ll love her, because she’s the kind of organizer who reminds us that “none of live in a Pinterest page” (amen!), that organization is always a work in progress, and for families, organization needs to be a team sport.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

-What to do to get ready for school before school starts (clothing
-Why you don’t need to buy absolutely everything new for a new school year
-How to get back into a school-year bedtime routine
-A general rule for organizing kids’ clothing to make it more manageable.
-What the 80/20 Rule is and why it works
-Tips for staying organized in smaller spaces
-Why color-coding calendars is a good hack for non-crafty parents
-Why kids’ to-do lists should be more specific than you might have imagined
-When to outsource and delegate chores and organization
-Why organizing is a process, and imperfection is part of the journey. Don’t beat yourself up!

Take a listen right here, right now:

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Hot Mess by Laurie Palau: A practical guide to getting organized

Also be sure to check out¬†professional organizer Laurie Palau’s website¬†Simply B Organized, the¬†This Organized Life podcast¬†that she hosts, and her excellent book¬†Hot Mess: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized¬†at our affiliate Amazon or from your local indie bookseller.

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LAURIE: A tech pick we love: The Jimmy Case iPhone and Android Wallet Case which holds up to 6 cards and cash, using far less space than a traditional wallet and a phone.

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