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If you’ve ever wished there were an easy sign-up app for your classroom, book club, or kids’ sports teams and extracurricular activities that was designed the way moms actually think and work, you need to meet MomClone.

This smart new service was created by moms, for moms, to make all of our lives so much easier. Yes! Think of it as a universal remote, but for managing all of your calendar, sign-up and planning apps.

MomClone helps make sign-up and organization easier | Sponsor

Just sign up for MomClone’s 30-day free trial (there’s no credit card required) and choose whether you’ll need the tool for gatherings, sign-up (who’s bringing the coffee to the morning meeting?), team — or all three.

You can access all of your groups with a single login and have access to a gorgeously sleek, totally intuitive, user-friendly interface. Because what good is an organization tool if makes you feel more stressed?

MomClone gives you access to tons of great features, like the ability to send out event schedules, simple sign-ups for snack duty and volunteer positions, or team member availability for you sports moms. You also get RSVP tracking, with convenient auto-reminders via email and text.

It even syncs to your calendar, and connects to Google Maps, so everyone knows exactly where they need to be, and when.

It’s like MomClone has thought of everything here. (And they kind of have.)

MomClone helps you organize your kid's sports team | Sponsor

No more keeping up with multiple apps, and panicking when one of them doesn’t sync to your personal calendar.  MomClone takes so much of the pain and stress out of organizing your busy family life, so you can spend more time doing the things you actually want to do — even if that’s catching up on your favorite show on your phone while you’re waiting in the school parking lot.

Sign up for MomClone today with their 30-day free trial, no credit card required.

EXTRA-COOL: Every time you subscribe to a MomClone tool, 5% of your paid subscription will be donated directly to their STEM partner program. #Youraise5wegive5 


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