If you’re familiar with Cool Mom Picks, you know that we started this site to help discover cool new businesses and products, support women entrepreneurs, and share their amazing stories. That’s why I’m so thrilled to tell you about someone I’m so pleased to be working with personally. Her name is Shelly Fisher and she’s launched a new jewelry line that’s empowering women — both breast cancer survivors and women fighting all kinds of battles — every single day.

After surviving breast cancer herself, Shelly got hit with another blow: a second cancer diagnosis. One day, when she felt down, an empowering mantra went through her head, so she had it engraved on the back of a necklace. Just three simple words: One Tough Bitch.

Today, that’s the name of this wonderful company.

One Tough Bitch offers strong women bracelets and necklaces with a great mission | Cool Mom Picks

Shelly wore it the necklace by her heart, clutching it when she needed a way to summon her inner power.

No one actually ever saw the words until she was featured on the popular Modern Hero TV Facebook page. And well, her phone starting ringing off the hook, with women asking where they could find a necklace like that for themselves.

Turns out, lots of women want to access the One Tough Bitch inside themselves to get through their own challenges. And that’s how One Tough Bitch was born.

One Tough Bitch: empowering jewelry for women, created by an amazing two-time breast cancer survivor


Shelly’s line of 2-sided cord bracelets and stainless steel necklaces feature a triangular symbol on one side, representing balance and strength. On the other side,  those three powerful words.

This way, you can wear the pieces however you want, depending on your mood — or your company at that moment.

One Tough Bitch: Empowering necklaces that make fantastic gifts for women who need a little boost | Cool Mom PicksThe jewelry makes a perfect gift, because each one is paired with a special card featuring a message you choose, from serious to funny. And they’re super affordable too, with bracelets starting at $19.95 and necklaces at $24.95.

I especially love that a portion of the proceeds support Give Her Camp, a non-profit sending deserving women to Campowerment, a camp-style retreat that helps empower, restore, and reignite women who need it most.

One Tough Bitch jewelry is not just for Breast Cancer Awareness month, by the way. Whether you’ve been struggling with postpartum depression, a chronic illness, taking care of a sick family member, or just  having a really freaking hard week or month (or year), these pieces serve as an encouraging, valuable reminder of the strength and power we all have within us.

That’s a message I can totally get behind.

Find One Tough Bitch jewelry on their website. I’m proud to be working with them to help support Shelly’s fantastic mission.