For all of us Mo Willems fans with a big Elephant and Piggie shaped hole in our hearts, there’s good news! And it comes in the form of…unlimited squirrels.

Well, technically there are 16 squirrels in total, but with the zany, over-the-top energy these new characters present in Mo Willems’ Unlimited Squirrels: I Lost My Tooth, just out today, it feels like a whole Central Park’s worth of the creatures.

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When Zoom Squirrel loses a baby booth, it sends the other squirrels into a frenzy. How would a baby tooth survive on in the wild? Wouldn’t it be sad and alone?

It becomes clear pretty early on that squirrels can stand to learn a few facts about teeth. And, probably, so can your young readers. Which is why this book is more than just a fun story — there are jokes, quizzes, and fun facts about how teeth actually work.

This book totally caught me off guard with its pure and complete silliness. No big life lessons here, just a lot of laughter — and a little lighthearted science. What a great addition to my son’s ever-growing Mo Willems library.

Find Unlimited Squirrels: I Lost My Tooth starting today at our affiliate Amazon, or support your local indie bookseller.

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