I’ve been watching an amazing story unfold on my Facebook feed over the last month. And because we love a good heartwarming story, we knew we had to share this story of Michael Strahan’s act of kindness with you all too.

It started a month ago, when a friend sent out a request for some love and support on Facebook for her first-grade son Noah, who came home upset after being teased at school. Noah has a sophisticated sense of style for a first-grader, and the other kids in his class laughed at the jacket, tie, and jeans he wore to school.

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Noah Speck in his coat and tie for school, before Michael Strahan's act of kindness

He’d been so excited and confident about his outfit, but he came home that afternoon saying he wasn’t going to wear it again because he was embarrassed. It broke his mom’s heart.

Of course, hundreds of friends commented on her post — enough to encourage Noah to dress up again the next day. And when he went back to school, he told his friends, “I’m me, so deal with it.” And he asked them to please not make fun of him again.

Courageous, respectful, but direct. Perfect response from this 7 year old.

As Noah told the story on his local news last night, it worked.

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Michael Strahan's act of kindness to a bullied kid made his day!

But none of them expected the surprise package from Michael Strahan that arrived at his house this week. Yes, that Michael Strahan!

Strahan had heard Noah’s story and sent him two custom tailored suits from his kid’s suit collection, just his size, along with a personal note saying he’d heard Noah was a stylish dresser. (Michael Strahan, we love you.)

That smile on his face!

Noah has worn both suits to school now, feeling super confident and supported. And we’re so encouraged to be reminded that there are lots of kind people out there, looking for ways to support and love each other.