You may have heard of Aquila children’s magazine, the cool indie kids publication from the UK, because they’ve been around for 25 years. And they’ve announced they’re going to open their subscriptions up to the USA too, and I’m so excited.

if you have a curious kid who’s a fan of the Wow in the World podcast or the print or digital version of Anorak magazine, they’ll love Aquila too. Especially for an upcoming birthday or the holidays.

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Aquila children's magazine: Detectives issue

Aquila children's magazine: Mary Shelley

Aquila children's magazine: Games page

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I’d say this publication is perfect for kid 8-10 years old, thanks to fully illustrated pages and fun educational articles. The sample issue I received is centered on a safari theme, and the articles range from teaching kids how to use a compass to a bio on Carl Linnaeus to a DIY mandrill mask the kids can make.

Other issues tackle topics like game theory, the Vikings, detectives and the science of light, all in tween-appropriate fashion, so whether your kids are more into arts and literature or science and math I think they’ll love it.

Go ahead and subscribe now, so you’ll start getting them in time for the holidays. Or, you can even enter your child’s birthday so they can start receiving issues that day. Awesome!

You can subscribe to Aquila at their website, and you’ll receive a fun welcome pack with your first issue.