The toddler years comes with quite a reputation for putting poor, unsuspecting parents through the ringer. Well, we’re here to give you a little bit of your sanity back thanks to our special guest Dr. Heather Wittenberg aka The BabyShrink, who’s an expert in all things baby, preschooler, and yes, toddler. She’s a licensed child psychologist with over 20 years of experience, not to mention a mom of four kids, and… she’s the author of Let’s Get This Potty Started! The BabyShrink’s Guide to Potty Training Your Toddler, which a lot of you parents of little ones probably even have at home.

And as a partner with our sponsor Pull-Ups and GoodNites Bedtime Pants, she gets to reach thousands of parents every year, just like you (and us) who have lots and lots of questions.

Take a listen as she answers questions about:

– how to deal with early wakings.

– how to encourage kids to stay in their own beds.

– when kids are ready for potty training and how parents will know.

– the difference between daytime and nighttime potty training (yes, there is a difference).

– how to handle meltdowns and separation anxiety.

– what parents should to do take care of themselves during the toddler years.

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This week’s sponsor: Pull-Ups and GoodNites Bedtime Pants

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We’re so pleased to welcome Pull-Ups and GoodNites Bedtime Pants as this week’s sponsor of our Spawned podcast. These two products are designed to help make potty training and nighttime wetting a whole lot easier for parents. Pull-Ups are training pants are made to look and fit like underwear, for easy on and off. For nighttime wetting, GoodNites Bedtime Pants fit and provide protection for kids, and peace of mind for parents. Here’s to making this part of parenting toddlers a whole lot easier.

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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Emily McDowell's new Fantasy Stones

Dr. Heather: This OXO brush makes cleaning kids’ water bottles so much easier. (We’re big fans of OXO too!)

Liz: Emily McDowell’s new Fantasy Stones (above) are the perfect pick-me-up for a friend (or hey, you) who needs it.

Kristen: NASA Vans! This might be my favorite collaboration yet.