We have preached for years about the #1 rule of online shopping — always look for discount codes before you checkout — but even we forget that it always means…well, always. In fact, there are plenty of sites that just don’t spring to mind as even offering discount codes.

But they do.

I mean a department store, sure. But when finding concert tickets? Or ordering a pizza? Sometimes we forget it’s even an option. Which means we could be paying for shipping we don’t have to, or simply leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of discount codes and cash back offers.

That’s why we’re pleased to bring you this helpful post on behalf of Savvy, the popular money-saving browser extension that automatically applies the best coupon at checkout to help you score deals and free shipping, or even earn up to 10% cash back — all without searching the web.

It’s available on over 40,000 partner sites, which means it’s basically a no-brainer.

With that, be sure to keep this list in mind when you’re purchasing anything at all online so you never ever miss an opportunity to save (or earn!) wherever you can. Yay for free money, right?

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4 kinds of websites you might forget offer coupons and discounts

5 kinds of sites you may be forgetting to apply coupon codes | cool mom picks for savvy (sponsor)

1. Brand Sites
We always think to search for discount codes on a shoe store like Footlocker or at a department store — but not necessarily on a brand site itself, like Nike, Adidas, Converse. While brand sites try not to undercut their distributors, you may find that a clearance item or slightly older version of an item you love is cheaper with a discount right on a brand site.

2. Restaurant Reservations and Food Delivery
Some of the top food delivery chains and even online reservation systems offer coupons. Don’t forget when you’re ordering delivery for family pizza night, picking up a rotisserie chicken, ordering groceries, or even making plans for a night on the town, that lots of discounts and offer may be available!

3. Entertainment Ticketing Sites
If you’re looking for theater tickets, concert tickets, sports event tickets and more, plenty of those booking sites offer discounts, deals and cash back offers. It’s smart to keep this in mind, especially if you’re shopping for experience gifts over the holidays.

4. Amazon
Believe it or not, we hear from friends and readers all the time that they don’t think to search for Amazon coupons when shopping there, and just stick with discounted prices listed on the site. Don’t stop there! Plenty of independently run Amazon shops do offer dedicated coupons, and even indie sellers have their own codes. So be sure to search for Savvy discounts before you checkout on Amazon.

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