This is a sponsored message from Monti Kids

Kids learn through play. And this is the season so many parents, grandparents, and caregivers have play on our minds. Enter Monti Kids, the only at-home Montessori learning toy subscription program that’s designed and safely tested for babies and toddlers up to 3 years old.

It’s pretty impressive.

Sign up and every three months, you’ll receive a box of lovely wooden Montessori toys tailored specifically to your own child’s age and developmental stage, containing at least 6 toys per shipment.

It starts with a beautifully-crafted baby activity gym featuring visual mobiles for newborns, plus grasping, kicking and clutching toys. Through the months you’ll move onto toys that help develop age-appropriate skills like balance, hand-eye coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills. And eventually, your child will receive wonderful toddler toys that encourage creativity, exploration, and open-ended play.

It’s a great way to provide your child with the same toys and Montessori curriculum they’d have access to in an expensive preschool or daycare.

Monti Toys Montessori subscription includes learning toys like push balls + helpful resources for parents (sponsor)

But it’s not just about toys — a subscription includes plenty of parent resources, like short videos (we know you’re busy!) and guides filled with helpful information about introducing the toy, how to help babies get the most out of playtime, plus expert tips for supporting your child’s learning and growth. Which makes you the expert.

You’ll also have access to online classes, personalized one-on-one support, and help from Monti’s private community, which is monitored by internationally certified Montessori educators.

Considering 85% of the brain is formed by age 3, when most children are not yet in school, a Monti Kids subscription is a smart — and fun! — way to help support your child’s developmental needs with three years of toys and instruction, right out of the world’s #1 early education curriculum,

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