If you’ve heard of helicopter parenting, well, sorry to say, we’re not talking about that today. We’re actually talking about the polar opposite (or well, close enough) with the hilarious social media sensation and author James Breakwell (aka Xploding Unicorn on Twitter). He’s back on this episode of Spawned talking about his new book Bare Minimum Parenting, and no surprise here: it’s hilarious! He chats with Liz about how parents can chill out, and get their lives back. You’re people too, parents!

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Topics James and Liz cover in this episode

How to become an amateur parenting expert like James.

Should parents have a life outside their children (TL;DR: Yes).

How can we stop ourselves from judging other parents?

Does your child need a $40,000/year preschool (TL;DR: No)

Social media: Are parents doing it wrong?

What’s the right time have kids?

Bare Minimum Parenting by James Breakwell

You can find more from James Breakwell on his website and on Twitter. His book is available on Amazon, or be sure to check your local bookstore (and if they don’t have it, tell them they should). And, if you didn’t hear his first appearance on Spawned, be sure to listen. It’s so funny!

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Cool Picks of the Week 

Meaningful gifts for kids: Fight Evil, Read Books cap by Out of Print clothing

Liz: From our holiday gift guide, this Fight Evil, Read Books cap by Out of Print Clothing. Awesome message that supports a great cause. Be sure to check out all our meaningful gifts for kids.

James: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldHis review is based on the fact that his kids sat quietly in the theater and watched it, so not really Rotten Tomatoes rating, but hey, a real honest parent’s thoughts.