Wish you could slow the kids down just a little bit on Christmas morning? Then check out BugabooCity’s free printable Christmas Secret Decoder Wheel that will pause the tearing of wrapping paper long enough for your kids to play detective and find a “missing” gift. And give you a few minutes to sip your coffee while it’s still hot.

Little sleuths will be asked to solve the mystery of the missing gift by cracking the secret code found on the printable. I love how easy this is to pull together with just a few office supplies. And the code is so well done with 26 colorful holiday images representing each letter of the alphabet.

Then all you have to remember is to hide one special gift in the place revealed when they crack the code. And enjoy the lull in the gift unwrapping frenzy while it lasts.

Visit BugabooCity for the clever Christmas Secret Decoder Wheel free printable and for details on where you’ll need to hide one gift.