Welcome to our annual editors top 10 of the year! Through the rest of the year, we’ll be sharing 10 of our favorite things (no offense, Oprah) of this past year and we hope you love them too. Of course we love everything we’ve shared, but these things are all extra special to us.  – Liz and Kristen

2018 was definitely the year of the Vans collaborations, many of which we featured here on Cool Mom Picks. Because, cool!

As much as we love our Vans classics, the idea of wearing a little bit of NASA, Disney, even Van Gogh on our feet was too fun to pass up. And apparently a lot of you felt the same, with many of these limited edition sneakers selling out quickly.


Van Gogh Vans


The best part for us as parents is that they’re more than just cute and clever — the Vans we’ve purchased for our own kids have been passed down to younger siblings, cousins, and even resold on resale sites. Because all things being equal, we’d rather our kids grow out of the shoes before wearing them out. And Vans are just that sturdy.

Combine that with these really on-trend but timeless collabs and we can’t wait to see what Vans has in store for 2019.