I’ve written quite a bit about the genius of Yellowberry bras for girls, the “mom-approved” first (or second) bras created by a teen herself who was not having it with the I wanna look like a Victoria Secret Model style of lacy underthings for 13 and 14-year olds. I called their girls’ sports bras one of my top 10 picks of 2017, but I’m really fans of all their styles — and clearly I’m not alone.

It seems that the Yellowberry Aspen Bra for girls had a waitlist as high as 7,000 shoppers recently — until they just released more this week.


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The Aspen has got so much of what we want for our girls — and what they want for themselves — in a first bra: Cozy cotton-spandex in a halter style that’s more comfortable than anything I’m wearing. Thick, beefy layers that provides coverage without (eek) padding. Four pretty colors. And really high-quality fabrics and construction that don’t stretch out, holding up through tons of wears and washes.

Machine washes, that is. Whoo!

It really is a fantastically perfect first bra, so I get the waitlist.

Best first bra for girls: The Yellowberry Aspen, which had a 7,000 person waitlist

If you’re clicking over for the first time, fair warning about sticker shock if you’re used to major-brand 5-packs at your local big box store.

That said, while I normally scrimp on socks and underwear, I’m totally down for spending more on bras that really make my daughter feel this confident and comfortable through the day. It’s just so important in those early teen and pre-teen years. (Sorry to embarrass you, honey.)

One caveat though: The Aspen has got a fairly high neckline, if you have a kid who tends to wear v-necks or scoop necks. Or if you prefer the feel of nylon-spandex blends over cotton, my daughter is partial to the hybrid styles like the Tink bra and the Luna bra, which have slightly deeper front panels, more moisture-wicking for more active use.

But…those tend to get waitlisted too. They really are that good.

Visit Yellowberry to shop the super popular girls’ bra styles including the Yellowberry Aspen Bra, which is now back in stock. For now.