2017 has arguably been a year for women and girls and you’ll see that reflected in a lot of our top Editors Top Picks of the Year. So next up, we’re giving a shout out to the wonderful, woman-run, indie label Yellowberry. And more specifically, their amazing new girls sports bras which we described as the perfect solution for girls who don’t quite need a sports bra just yet.

If you don’t yet have tween or teen girls — or it’s been a long time since you were one — it may be harder to see the genius in this brand. But our own girls love the fit, the styles, the color, the branding…everything.

And while t-shirts with empowered slogans and clever pins are some of our favorite things, this one purchase can do a whole lot more to keep our girls feeling confident, empowered, and active.

After all, the girl who’s always ready to kick some butt in the gym class or sports practice or dance rehearsals is our kind of girl. So we’re 100% all in with this top new product of the 2017.