We’ve talked at length about how the future is female, hey, it’s even on shirts now, but the jury is still out on how female power impacts femininity and the associated stereotypes. That’s where our guest (and dear friend) Catherine Connors comes in, who is addressing just that in her new book The Feminine Revolution. We chat about what exactly a feminine revolution looks like, how it affects our children, and what part we all play in forwarding change.

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More about The Feminine Revolution

The Feminine Revolution: 21 ways to ignite the power of your femininity

In this book, Catherine and her co-author Amy Stanton provide personal experiences and stories as an introduction to the discussion about traits and characteristics, as well as tools and ideas for how to implement the practice of integrating the feminine quality in your life. You can find The Feminine Revolution on Amazon.com, or at your local bookstore. If they don’t have it there, ask!

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