Here’s a fun way to get festive for Valentine’s Day this year: Valentine’s Day nails. These are blowing up social media, and the creative designs we’re seeing are making us so happy to go beyond switching up your favorite color for red or pink.

We’ve kept these Valentine’s nail art ideas fairly simple, and definitely no more racy than a conversation heart classroom treat so that they’re perfect for you — or your kids.

Whether you’re attempting a DIY (more power to you!), you want to book this page for reference at the salon, or you’re creating matching fingernails with your kids for a fun mother-daughter (or dad-daughter or mother-son) Valentine’s Day activity, we think these creative, simple ideas for Valentine’s Day nails are so charming at any age.

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Fun Valentine's Day nails: Pink and silver Valentine's nail art at Love's Sweet As | | #valentinesnails

I like this simple idea for a hot pink and silver Valentine’s Day nail design by Astrid, at Love’s Sweet As. Because even a not-so-skilled manicurist like me could successfully pain on this design on myself or my daughter. As long as she holds really, really still, that is.


Fun Valentine's Day nails: Conversation heart nails at Gabby's Nail Art | | #valentinesnails

Speaking of conversation hearts, these conversation heart nails are so fun for kids! I spotted them on the @GabbysNailArt Instagram feed, and Gabby Morris got these just right, The message hearts alternate with simple hearts and I’m all “real love” for these. For more fun, scroll her feed for even more cool ideas like these cute “Love” Valentine’s Day nails, if you have a steady hand.


Fun Valentine's Day nails for kids: 5 different styles at Nailed It NZ | | #valentinesnails

Nailed It NZ has a step-by-step YouTube video tutorial for Valentine’s nails that’s perfect for the 14th, but I’m not sure I agree with her “easy” designation for these. If you’re a nail design pro or have great design skills, I would definitely try these at home. Otherwise, I’d take this one to the nail bar with me and let them…nail it. (hehe)

Nude Valentine's Day nails : Nail art by nailsjustnailss on Instagram | #valentinesnails

Of course red and pink aren’t the only ways to go at all for Valentine’s Day nails. With nude nails coming up as a hot spring/summer beauty trend this year, I really like this nude Valentine’s nail art design at the aptly named @nailsjustnailss account. Natalia’s feed is packed with inspiration and I love that she’s specific about which colors to use, and where to find the specific stencils.

Valentine's lips nail art from So Nailicious is inspired by Kylie Jenner's lipsticks | #valentinesnails

Another way to tackle nude nails: seal them with a kiss! (And a top coat.) Maria at So Nailicious has the most amazing site, full of great ideas, product recos, and tutorials for impressive nail art like these lipstick print nude Valentine’s nails inspired by Kylie Jenner for Nail Art Fashion Week — which is a thing!  She freehands it, but if you can find small decals that might help. Or just try a lip print or two on a single nail and keep the others clean for a surprising pop of Valentine’s fun.

Valentine's Day nail ides: Pink striped glitter nails from So Nailicious | #valentinesnails

Instead of alternating shades or red and pink on different nails — which looks great too — consider this sweet, chic pink gradient striped Valentine’s Day nail art also by Maria at So Nailicious. We all love how the silver stripes divide the three tones, while also helping to hide any imperfections and little oopses. She’s got a a really detailed tutorial on her post, if you’re up for it.


Fun Valentine's Day nails: Simple hearts Valentine's nail art design at Deedee's Beadies

We’ve seen a lot of variations on this basic Valentine’s Day nail design but this one from @DeedeesBeadies on Instagram is really fun. I love the glittery red with the ring finger on each hand sporting a red heart, but I’ve also seen pale pink nails with a gold heart and matte red with a pink heart. Whatever your favorite color combo, this is a sweet and simple way to show off your V-day flair.

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